What's Happening at the Kastle!

week of July 7, 2014

Administrative Announcements

  • Remember, teachers, that one of your PDP goals for next year is the continued/improved implementation of the Continuous Improvement Model. In addition, observations in this area will be part of your observation/evaluation cycles next year, with the SIP goal of our school being at 100 percent implementation with fidelity. With no new staff members next year, we are going to start full implementation at the beginning of the school year.
  • No news yet on the reassignment front. I will be out of town later this week at the NAESP conference. If I get word to release the information when I am gone, I will be calling those teachers who are reassigned. With that in mind, please be sure your correct phone number is in powerschool. Teacher assistants, no word yet. I will be emailing all other teachers with the news that they are staying at KES and at what grade level, as you know we have had some switcheroos.
  • HIGH YIELD STRATEGIES workshop participants...there will be a lot of group planning time, so be sure your bring content area scope/sequence/curriculum guide/standards, or objectives for group work. :0) BTW, lunch will be on your own that day.

Continuous Improvement Model Workshop Information - remember, this is a PDP goal for EACH certified staff member this year!

  • Monday, July 14 - High Yield Strategies Training (Trade Day, two jeans coupons!)
  • Tuesday, July 15 - ACE training
  • Wednesday, July 16 - TSP training
  • Thursday, July 17 - CCI training
  • Friday, July 18 - CCI training (if you are going through CCI, you only need to come ONE day....we're offering it twice!)


  • Monday, July 28 at 9:00 - scheduling committee meeting. I have that Cohen, Aquilone, Brook, Flores, Teague, Aquilone, Owens, Wilkins,Brown, Appleton, Worley, McGarvie, Martinelli, Whitley, Batson, and LeGacy have all volunteered. After the teacher reassignment/grade level switcheroo, we will refine this list so that each grade level/department is represented.


  • Monday, July 14 - High Yield Strategies Training (Trade Day, two jeans coupons!)
  • Tuesday, July 15 - ACE training (Trade Day, two jeans coupons)
  • Wednesday, July 16 - TSP training (Trade Day)
  • Thursday, July 17 - CCI training (Trade Day)
  • Friday, July 18 - CCI training(Trade Day)- this has been CANCELLED.

makeup dates:

  • Tuesday, August 5 - ACE training (trade day, 2 jeans)

  • Wednesday, August 6 - TSP training (trade day)

  • Thursday, August 7 - CCI training (trade day)


  • NY Writing Institute will be held at the PDC on July 22nd (Kindergarten & 3rd grade), July 23rd (1st & 4th grade) and July 24th (2nd & 5th grade). each registered participant should have received an email from Liz Potter with further details. .Each participant must bring their Units of Study in Opinion, Information and Narrative writing kit.
  • County Staff Development Day will be on August 21st. More information to come.
  • Open House will be Friday, August 22, from 2-4.


Two things:

1. As you clean the house, remember we have more VIF staff coming next year! Our new Mandarin teachers will need a whole other setup with regards to furniture, dishes, etc..so whatever you have, please consider donating!

2. We have a job opening for part time EC, due to Sarah Birkmaier's resignation, and also for a part time reading teacher (for the English instruction in the Mandarin rooms - Valorie CANNOT do both!). If you know of anyone who you think would be good for either position, send them my way!


Congratulations to Kristen Flores, who found out that little baby Flores will be a BOY!!!

Congratulations to Melanie Wilson, who is expecting little baby Wilson in January!!

Looks like Kristen, Melanie, and Maggie are all in great company as Kristina Brown has joined the show; she is also expecting in January!!

See picture below from China, where both Joanna LaCourse and Trevor Althof are teaching this summer!

Big image

enjoying some free time in China