Don't Get the Surgery, Charlie!

Bailey Dunkin

You may think doing the surgery will benefit you in the long run, but I'm telling you it is the wrong decision. I am from the future and am here to persuade you to not do the surgery. In the future, the effects of the surgery on you are devastating. Having the surgery will not benefit your mental or physical states.

Health Risks are High

A couple months after the surgery, your mental and physical health deteriorated rapidly. You lose your intelligence. You had trouble getting out of the bed. One of the reasons is your physical health has declined. Another reason is you were very depressed because you were smart, but then you weren't. You also were depressed, because you found out from other case studies that you would potentially die. Your mental and physical health deteriorated rapidly after the surgery.

Intelligence; Good or Bad?

Will being intelligent really benefit you? In the future, you have the surgery and you get smart. You get too smart and it is hard for you to talk to people because no one understands you. So, you lose all the friends you have now. Why do you even need the change in your life? Your life is good now! All of this can be avoided by not having the surgery. If you have the surgery, you won't benefit very much from becoming smart.

Can you take the emotional strain?

In the future, from the time you started getting smarter after the surgery, you became increasingly depressed. You find out some awful things about the way people treat you, which doesn't help with your depression. You also lost all of your friends, because you were too smart for them. So, you became isolated. Sure, you did acquire a personality, but you ended up losing it. This didn't help with your depression. Eventually you become suicidal. If you don't have the surgery, you will never be depressed.
Are you willing to roll the dice and go for the surgery? In all reality, the surgery causes more harm than good. The surgery is too risky. I know you must be thinking "What have I to lose," but your life is perfectly fine now. Why mess with that? You will be put through unnecessary pain which can be easily avoided by not doing the surgery. But the final decision is up to you, choose wisely.