Red Pandas

Emily Maley


the Red Pandas are a redish brown color with whitemarkings on the face. It is about 42 inches long and weights around 7 to 14 pounds, so about the size of a domestic cat. They have black bellies and limbs. Thay have long bushy tails to keep them warm in the winter. They are very skillful and acrobatic animals.


The Red Pandas scientific name is Ailurus Fulgens, the phylum is Chordata, the kingdom is Animalia, the class is Mammalia, the order is Canivora, the family is Ailuridae, the genus is Ailurus, and the species is Fulgens.


The Red Panda lives in The Eastern Himalayas. You can find them in temperate forests. They live and sleep in trees. They live in China.


Red Pandas eat bamboo, berries, and anything found in the forest. They are herbivores and carnivores.


The Red Pandas are declining because the forests are being cut down, they are dieng because people are killing them for fur caps and hats.


We should help the Red Pandas because they don't deserve to die. We shouldn't kill them for fur caps and hats. Cut down trees where they don't live. It is illegal to hunt Red Pandas everywhere. Plant more trees before cutting all of the other ones down. There is illegal hunting