By Robbie Stratakos

The Rock

The rock is composed of minerals, and they"re classified by how they were formed (origin). There are three types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metaphoric.


Gabbro is an Igneous Rock. Gabbro's texture is Coarse and it is non-vesicular. The crystals formed inbetween, and its density is very high. It is darker colored and its composition is Mafic. The amount of Plagioclase Felspar is fifty percent, the amount of Proxene is 40 percent, and the amount of Amphibole is ten percent.
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Limestone is a Sedimentary Rock. Limestone is a chemically organic formed Sedimentary Rock. Its texture is Crystalline or Bioclastic, and its grain size Microscopic to very coarse. Its composition is Calcite. Limestone also precipitates of biologic origin or cemented shell fragments.
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Marble is a Metamorphic Rock. Its texture is nonfoliated, and its grain size is fine to coarse. It composition is calcite and or dolomite. It is also both a Regional and Contact type of Metamorphic Rock. It is also Metamorphism of Limestone and or Dolostone
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The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle is a model showing how rocks and Sediments change over time.
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