Just A Bit' Breezy Stables

Eventing In The High Country

About Us!

Just a Bit' Breezy is located in Ennice, NC nestled in the heart of the mountains. Our farm has 10+ Acres for the horses to happily graze. A somewhat small ring best for training but gigantic fields to work on the dressage or jumping for the next event! Probably about 35 or more acres to trail ride on from woods to big open fields! Lots of natrual cross country jumps and plenty of things to "unspook" the baby horse. We have a upper barn and a lower barn both of which has two stalls. Four large pastures for open grazing for the chunky or skinny horse.

About The Horses

Come Check Out Our Place!

We are always welcoming visitors who would like to sit on their first horse or begin jumping. Bring your horse and give it a place to stay. We are always here!! Also foster home for rescues!