Nicotine as a drug

A flyer about Tobacco and Other Types of Drugs

A Few Types of Poisons In Cigarettes.

  1. Acetone: used to remove Nail Polish
  2. Ammonia: used for a household cleaner, also in cat urine.
  3. Arsenic: Used to make bullets and rat poison.
  4. Butane: a Gas. Also used in lighter fluid
  5. Carbon Monoxide: Poisonous gas that can kill you in under ten minutes
  6. Cadmium: used in Batteries
  7. Cresol: Used to make Bombs
  8. Cyanide: Deadly Poison; used in chemical weapons
  9. DDT: A banned insecticide
  10. Lead: Heavy Medal; used to make plumbing and other pipes; Poisonous in high doses.
  11. Formaldehyde:Used to preserve dead bodies
  12. Polonium:Radioactive; Very deadly
  13. Vinyl Chloride: Used in making PVC pipes; known to cause cancer

Diseases Tobacco Can Cause (Includes Chewing Tobacco and Cigarettes)

  1. Atherosclerosis: Arteries Harden; Can cause heart attacks and Strokes
  2. Bronchitis: Swelling of the bronchi (Breathing Tubes) Coughing and Soreness comes with it
  3. Cancer: Serious, Often deadly disease that causes that body's cells to mutate and grow out of control
  4. Emphysema: air sacs loose their elasticity
  5. Leukoplakia: Pre-Cancerous sores found int he mouth of tobacco chews; White color; feels Leathery


Smoking doesn't just hurt you and your body, that smoke that you let out through your mouth and from the source can hurt others around you as well. Its more likely to get Cancer or other disease just from second had smoking then from the actual smoker themselves! Stop Smoking and hurting others around you and you.

More "Commonly" used Drugs (illegal drugs)

Four ways a Drug can Enter the Body

  1. Orally: By Mouth.
  2. Injection: Injected into the skin; Can be injected into the muscle as well.
  3. Absorption: Rubbed into the skin.
  4. Inhaled: Smoked or Snorted.


Stimulants are used to speed up the body, (Heart rate, Breathing, ect.) . Stimulants aren't good for the body. If used enough that the person's Heart rate is very rapid it could cause Heart attacks. Here are some drugs that will speed up your body, as well as the affects.

  • Ecstasy: Can cause a person to clench their teeth and grind them; Dangerously high Temperature
  • Marijuana: More carcinogens then Ciggarettes: Kills brain cells: Gateway Drug.
  • Methamphetamine: "meth"; Hightly addictive: Severe dental problems, High body Tempertaure, Very Violent behavior.
  • Steroids: For Men: Testicles can shrink, Infertility, may develop Breasts.

For Women: Groth of Facial hair and/or chest hair (Yuck), Voice deepens

For Female and Male: Excessive acne, Mood swings, Paranoia, "Roid Rage"

"Fun Facts" about Marijuana.

Did you know, Marijuana can be eaten and smoked?

Did you know, in THC is the main ingredient in pot?

Did you know, TCH will remain in the body for over a month or so?

Did you know, Marijuana is more prone to Cancer then Cigarettes?

Did you know, Marijuana sold today is stronger than what was sold in the 1960s?

Did you know, In Washington (State) you can Smoke Marijuana LEGALLY?

Did you know, The more Pot you smoke the less you need to get high?

These are just some of the "Fun Facts" about Marijuana. I personally don't know why people would Smoke it but, I cant change others perspectives in life. If I could I would try but I wouldn't probably be able to.

Drugs and You


How to Get Medicine

Though some Doctors will say certain words such as 'Drug' but when they say this they don't mean Actual drugs like Heroine or Marijuana and stuff like that. What Doctors really mean is Medicine. Medicine is proscribed to you. So A doctor can analyze What your taking and how much you are taking. if you take Medicine that isn't proscribed like ibuprofen, or aspirin its okay, just tell your doctor first. Also don't take Medicine like that just to take it. Make sure you only take it when you are having a headache or any other body pains.