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Oct. 12-19

Two weeks till the end of this half!

Students, this week you'll cover chapter 8, and next week you'll review for and then take the Midterm Exam (a big grade, with 200 points, so you'll want to do well on it!). You'll also have time to go back through your grades in chapters 1-8 and scrub away any zeros and low grades, so that when I turn in your quarter grades on Oct 25, you'll be happy with your grade.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 on BBIM

That's where you can find me to explain stuff, help you translate, or whatever! It's simple and fun.

And don't forget Live Class! I'm there every Wed. at 8PM!

And there are other times during the week too with other teachers.

Peer Tutoring Center

These are students helping students. Click on the button to learn more about how they can help you. Or ask me!