Animal Farm

By George Orwell

Novel Geners:

Animal Fable

An Animal Fable is a fictional story about any animals having human like or anthropomorphic qualities, which would usually always have a moral lesson at the end.


Any picture, poem, or story that can be read to be interpreted to have a deeper meaning. Typically having a moral or political meaning.


  • Communist Russia - Animal Farm
  • Tyrannical Government - The Pigs


A way to use humor or irony to expose or criticize a person's mistakes or vices. This can mainly be seen in politics or other topical issues.

Chapter Summary:

Chapter 1

  • Animals are first brought together by a meeting
  • Introduced to all the animals
  • Animals are told about Old Majors Dream
  • Animals get taught Beast of England

Chapter 2

  • Old Major Dies and is brought to the butcher
  • Rebels against Mr. Jones
  • Created the seven commandments
  • The Milk disappears which foreshadows selfishness

Chapter 3

  • The animals work hard to have one of the biggest harvest ever seen
  • Snowball creates a flag that represents the animals hard labor
  • The pigs get the milk from the cows because they are the smartest
  • pigs are now in control with the power of fear

Chapter 4

  • Snowball wants to let the other farms rebel
  • Snowball goes out with the order
  • The animals win the battle of the Cow Shed
  • They now have a holiday and a tradition created from the battle

Chapter 5

  • Mollie left to live with the humans
  • The two pigs finally come to a conflict between each other
  • The pigs take change one of the seven rules
  • Snowball is forced off the Farm

Chapter 6

  • The pigs are working all the time
  • The animals have to result into trade
  • another rule is changed
  • A storm comes and destroys the windmill and snowball is blamed for it

Chapter 7

  • Napoleon wants the eggs from the hen to sell but the hens go on strike
  • The hens must give in because they have no food
  • Four pigs are killed for speaking on behalf on snowball and protesting against the gov.
  • The animals are now obedient and now listen to napoleon

Chapter 8

  • Another Rule is changed on behalf of the pig again
  • The animals have another battle, but this time its to protect the windmill
  • The animals win and create another holiday of the Battle of the Windmill
  • One of the pigs die a sad death at the end trying to change a rule changed by the pigs

Chapter 9

  • The pigs now get to wear ribbons
  • Boxer ends up injuring himself and hopes to retire
  • Boxer dies at a slaughter house called in by Napoleon

Chapter 10

  • The farm grows richer without the animals getting anything
  • Another commandment is changed
  • The pigs now have the farm as a tour
  • The pigs now become humans and now everything was back as it was before

Characters Symbolism:


One of the leader pigs that got over thrown, a representation of Trosky


Another one of the pigs who took over and became a dictator, a representation of Joseph Stalin

Old Major

Old Major was the one who had a dream of a peaceful world, a representation of Karl marx or Vladimir Lenin


Mollie is a self loving horse, a representation of the working class that remand loyal to the past Russian monarchy


Benjamin is a donkey that does not care about anything, a representation of a person is Russia that does not help anyone


Boxer is one of the most hard working horses in the Farm, a representation of the working class during the Russian Monarchy


Clover is one of the dogs that was trained by the pigs, a representation of the people who remembered about the time before he rule of the new Leader


Moses is a raven in animal farm that was the inside animal for the humans, this may be a representation of the Russian Orthodox Church


Squealer was another one of the pigs but he remand loyal to napoleon. Squealer represents Russian Media that will soon tell about the truth about the Monarcy of Russia plans


Muriel is a white goat that reads the seven commandments given to the animals, a representation of the people who realized that Stalin was going against his rules and bringing back the old ruling.


A drunken farmer who used to rule the animal Farm, a representation of the former ruling in Russia such as a Czar


Mr.Fredrick is the one who ruled over Mr.Jones and is his boss, a representation Germany


Mr. Pilkington is a man who does not like Mr. Fredrick's way of doing things, a representation of the Capitalists


Mr. Whymper is a person who deals with Napoleon during the story. This is a representation of the people who trades and helps Russia during their communist ruling


The Sheep help napoleon die down the protest crowds on behalf of their safety, this represent the people of Russia who are afraid of Russia so they listen to the authority so that they can be saft


The dogs are like the police in animal farm who help kill the protesters, a representation of the brutal police force that the government of Russia has


The ducklings help out a bunch of people such as the hens, they are also seen helping make the windmill. I think that they are a representation of the vulnerable people



a song is a short or long poem or a bunch of words that can go with a musical beat.


a ritual is a tradition that is a religious thing


1. The Corruption of Socialist Ideals in the Soviet Union

2. The Societal Tendency toward Class Stratification

3. The Danger of a Naïve Working Class

4. The Abuse of Language as Instrumental to the Abuse of Power

5.freedom and individual dignity must be gaurded carefully.

6.Language is a powerful tool. if it is used improperly, it can enslave and confuse us

Top 10 Notes: Animal Farm