Virtual reality

Artificial Environment

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The purpose

Its a artificial environment that where it makes you feel like you're in the game or moment

The founder

The founder was originally created by Ivan SutherLand in 1965 but he called it the ultimate display also known as virtual reality

How it was used and how it is used NOW!

The virtual reality many things like trips such as the audi trip with the vr headset and many others. Now it is used for military, gameplay, art, education, social media, business and a lot of other variety of reasons.


It will now be used for more gaming and 3d movies in 2016 (Currently Working on). It was used for practicing other things like flying and parachuting which they still do (currently) in 1965-2016. While it is used for those things it is also used for education, business and others in 2015-2016

A good impact on society

It makes the games more fun to play if you are usually bored then you get a virtual reality it makes your life a lot more fun.

A bad impact on society

If you like to play violent games then this is not for you because this can make you feel even more violent then other games without using virtual reality its called virtual criminality which actually makes you feel like you are actually doing that bad thing.

science,technology,Enginnering and math.

For science they have to find the right material for this object and the other pieces to it. Technology, They use it for the wires and hooking up the wires because if you have no wires it would not turn on. Engineering, They design the object and the way it looks. Math, They have to measure it to see how long, short or wide it will be.

what I would change

I would change the way it looks because it is all blocky and to big and if a baby put this on they would probably fall because how big it is.