Drug and Alcohol Abuse

By: Peter Peretti

Drug Abuse in Society

Every community is either directly or indirectly effected by drug abuse, as is every family. Drug and alcohol abuse end up being costly in the long run and is a major health issue affecting both the adults and children in every community. This first chart shows the amount of dollars spent on drugs and alcohol yearly. The second chart illustrates the shear amount of health problems associated with abusing these substances.

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Crystal Meth ★ Methamphetamine is my Death ★ Drug Documentary 2015


Drug Documentary 2015 - Above

This documentary encompasses the negative effect drugs have on our body. This video focuses on the effects of meth and the situation of who is now an ex-dealer. At the height of his operation he as selling nearly 80 pounds of cocaine every month, with a net worth of almost 3 million dollars.

Drug Abuse Documentary - Below

This documentary is about the affect specific drugs have on our bodies. This videos talks about the both the scientific names and the street names of all popular drugs. Alcohol is the number one killer of teens.

What Drugs Do In Your Body (Drugs Documentary)


Drug Abuse in Society

This article focuses on the problems drug and alcohol abuse creates in regular communities. Also, this articles illustrates the amount of people use and abuse these drugs.

The Magnitude of Drug Abuse

This article focuses on how much drugs cost. Not just the cost in dollars, but also the negative effect it has on our bodies and communities.


Teen Written Poem

This poem entails of the problems the abuse of drugs created between him and the rest of his community. He also says that using drugs created tension between him and his family, eventually separating them.