TAG CLOUD Bulletin

Edition 1 - 05/30/2013

About the project

TAG CLOUD (Technologies lead to Adaptability & lifelong enGagement with culture throughout the CLOUD) is a European project that will generate lifelong engagement with cultural heritage through social media, augmented reality and storytelling applications based on the cloud.

The project aims to increase the active participation of general public in cultural events and experiences, by inviting them to become participants in their own cultural experiences, contributing with new content, opinions, as well as sharing information with other people and heritage institutions, curators and researchers in the cultural area before, during and after the visit.

Our Pilots

La Alhambra de Granada

Project updates

What is next?

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Our partners

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Co-funded by the ICT Programme of FP7

TAG CLOUD is a European project co-funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission.