Los Cabos

Persuasive Writing

Los Cabos is one of the most beautiful spots on the map. It is the land where the dolphins play and the sun warms the sand to perfection.

You should travel to Los Cabos. Los Cabos is known for their beautiful points of interests and their big chain of party places. I think that Los Cabos is an amazing place to go for vacation because it has so many points of interests and lots of beaches to surf and swim! Los Cabos also has plenty of different and fun activities to do when on vacation, for example water activities like parasailing,surfing and sun tanning. Los Cabos is also a very big attraction because of the The Arch of San Lucas which is a individual rock formation on the tip of Mexico's baja California peninsula. When you go to Los Cabos i suggest you eat a lot of cheese because a lot of the food at the restaurants is spicy and we all know that we wouldn't want to be spending our vacation in the potty room. I also suggest you to go sight seeing because it's so beautiful and will be an experience of a lifetime. Personally I think Los Cabos would be a great honeymoon destination, or a beautiful place to be married! If you go to Los cabos make sure you do as much there as you can because trust me you don't wanna miss out on all the fantastic activities that are in Los Cabos. When you go swimming make SURE you go to Medano beach it's one of the most beautiful beaches in Los Cabos. A Lot of golfers from around the world go and visit Los Cabos for there really big/famous golf course, and even though I don't golf I would go just for the experience and to see Los Cabos.