All About the Ladies

Women of the Revoltion

Taking Over

Although women were not seen as a source of importance during the battles, the women's roles were vital. While many of their husbands were off at war they had to take care of the homestead and land. While the men were out fighting for America, the women were back home taking care of the community and banding together the spirits to unify the people.

Daughters of Liberty

The Daughters of Liberty were more of the political part. These women upheld many boycotts such as the non importation of British goods during the 1760's/early 1770's. With the fierceness that these women carried they stood as a strong example for other women in the colonies bringing unity and revolutionary ideas.


Although some women of the revolution were in the midst of the battles, some had to stay back home. Don't forget about these ladies. They may have not been directly fighting but they had to fight for their homes and families. During the Quartering Act many British soldiers stayed at colonist's homes. Some women did not take this intrusion lightly and fought back with words, axes, and sometimes guns. These women stood up and fought for what was theirs.