Benjamin Franklin Gets Fried Alive!

Will Benjamin Franklin Die If It Was A Real Storm?

Issabela Peralta Ceja

Philadelphia 1752,there was a smart writer and scientist named Benjamin Franklin,Mr.Franklin was doing a very dangerous experiment that could have himself.He was in his lab when he proved that charge was electricity by using friction,metal,water and common air,but to see if his experiment was correct he had to test it outside.It was a windy day when he took out kite,metal key,wet twine,and friction to prove if there was energy in the heavens.Mr Franklin only took his son with him so he could witness this experiment.To protect himself from a potential fire or getting killed,he stood inside a shack and flew the kite through the window.When he went to fly the kite,the friction in the clouds was enough to send energy down the wet twine and create a spark that jumped from the key to his nuckles.Mr.Franklin had proved that static electricity can come from heavens.If it was a real thunder storm he would have died,but luckily Franklin was not in a real storm,and was sussessful in drawing static electricity from the heavens.