Apple Desktop

By: Korban Galyon

What features it has....

These are big, beautiful 21.5- and 27-inch displays. And nothing will, thanks to an amazing display designed to reduce reflection. In addition, because the LCD sits right up against the glass, your content seems to leap off the screen.

What is it made of......

Feature precision unibody enclosures milled from an extruded block of aluminum, allowing them to get even thinner while retaining rigid durability and a stronger, cleaner, and more polished design. Here's a detailed overview of the process, illustrated with photos.

Materials and logo


How much does it cost to make them......

To build and test every iMac, making the total cost $899. This does not include the cost of including a keyboard and mouse, as well as documentation with each system. (iMac is called a desktop)
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