Ernest Hemingway


Interesting facts about Ernest Hemingway...

-He liked to fish the trout streams of the upper peninsula of Michigan, specifically Fox River.

-He also owned multi-toed cats in Italy and they had so many offspring that now, multi-toed cats are called Hemingway Cats.

-In World War I he was an ambulance driver.

-His home in Key West was one of the first to have running water.

-His mom always wanted a girl, so she dressed him up as one as a kid.

-He loves bullfighting, he says it allows him to "release tension and show his strength over the animal.

-He had four different wives

-He committed suicide in Idaho

-His granddaughter, Marguax Hemingway, over dosed on phenobarbital on July 1, 1996. it was one day before the anniversary of his grandpas suicide.

-His novel, the old man and the sea, won the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature.

- Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois – a suburb of Chicago that has also been home to Edgar Rice Burroughs.

- Hemingway’s son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter and ran a safari business in Tanzania.

-Hemingway was awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery under-fire in World War II when he was a war correspondent

- Hemingway left trunks of material in the Paris Ritz in 1928 and did not recover them until 1957

-Hemingway’s sister and brother, and also his father committed suicide as well.

-He survived two air plane crashes

-At age three Hemingway was a precocious killing machine: while his peers scribbled with crayons and drooled on themselves, he could load, cock, and shoot a musket.

-He once killed 400 rabbits in one day

-he hooked nearly 2,000 pounds of fish on a single fishing day

-In WWII, Hemingway once again contributed without officially enlisting. Astonished U.S. troops believed that he was a four-star general, despite his complete lack of military record.

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