Professional Expectations

Professional Teacher Expectations

As one becomes a professional educator, it is essential that a professional disposition is maintained daily. These standards are important as one never knows when they will cross paths with a potential employer or contact. Educators are set to a higher degree of morals and values as they shape the minds of our youth (University of Phoenix, 2016). It is essential to maintain this high self-regard during interactions with students, staff, parents and the surrounding community. One never knows who is watching and when.

Professional standards are looked at from all angles and all professions. Educators have an exceptionally high amount of standards that need to be met in an out of the classroom. Educators make an impression in every interaction they have, and therefore, must exhibit a positive deposition with a high concentration of standards and ethics. Educators need to be committed to reflection meaning modify lessons, behaviors, and understanding to engage all students and ensure gainful knowledge. In the classroom, every student can learn, and all behaviors can be modified. Educators need to be sensitive to the community around them and have an appropriate level of ethical judgment (University of Phoenix, 2016).


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