Charles Darwin's Life

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Charles's Childhood

In 1809 Charles Darwin was born. His father was a doctor and his mom was the daughter of a well known china shop owner. Somewhere around 1817-1818, Charles's mother died and he was sent to live at school. He hated it. So late at night he would run back to his house and visit his family and get back before anyone found out.

Charles in school

After seeing two terrible operations (one on a child) Charles knew medicine wasn't for him. After another year at medical school he confessed it to his father. He was furious. So he sent Charles to Cambridge University. Later one of his favorite professors asked him if he would like to go on a 5 year voyage around the world.

His years until death

Before he leaves on his voyage he vows that he will explore the world more. At one point he gets shipwrecked on a island. He gets stomach problems that effected him for the rest of his life. Other than that he sees a volcano erupt and feels a earthquake for the first time. From 1834-1835 they leave South America and travel to Galapago. On September 15th, 1835 they reach it. He finds so many fossils that he gives some to a museum. In 1838 he starts reading a book on human populations. He started to have a theory on how creatures change. His health grew worse. On April 19th, 1882 Charles dies.

Why he was famous

After reading the book about human populations he got his theory that led to him finding out about how creatures change overtime. This led to him to write his first book about how creatures change. Which is one of the reasons he is famous. The second reason he is famous is because he found out how land changed overtime. This occurred when he discovered on a island that looked completely different then a few years before. That's when he realized that the Earth is always changing
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Charles Darwin ( The Man That Changed The World )