Time Wrap Trio Wushu Were Here

Jon Scieszka

By: Carson Paulin

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Characters: Anna, Sam, Joe, Fred, Lishimin, Tangzong, Wang, Hui-k'o, and Mad Jack

Setting: Ancient China.

Rising Action

1. They warp to Ancient China.

2. Sam is stuck into the book.

3. Hui-k'o teaches them kong-fu.


Anna, Sam, Joe, Fred, Lishimin, and Tangzong take out half of Wang's army then Wang and the other half of his army ran away.

Falling Action

Mad Jack finds them and try's to kill Anna, Fred, Joe, and Sam in the book.


Mad Jack was about to kill Sam in the book but Sam magically comes out of the book making the book hit Mad Jack.

Man v.s. Man

Because, Sam, Anna, Joe, and Fred try to defeat Wang's army of men.


Bad things can happen when you go through someone else's thing's.


Fred, Sam, Anna, Joe, Lishimin, and Tangzong.

Because they try to defeat the Antagonist.


Wang, and Mad jack.

Because he killed over 2-3-4 hundred people.

4 Facts about Ancient China

1. Merchants were included the lowest class of working.

2. Merchants were not aloud to wear silk or ride in carriages.

3. Three generations (grandparents, parents, and kids) lived with each other.

4. Tea became an important part of the Chinese culture around the 2nd century."It was called Cha."

The Historical setting on the character.

The characters had to learn a little Chinese and learn kung-fu.

Extra Credit

Ancient China