Immigrate to Canada!

Immigration requirements

Work experience

The point requirements you must have at least one year of full-time paid work experience in fields that satisfy Canadian immigration standards.


The main applicant will likely need at least some completed post-secondary education. The more education an applicant has the better that person’s chances become. Education is a very important aspect of the evaluation process.

Language abilities

Language is very important. English and French are the two languages that count for points in the Canadian immigration requirements. To be fluent in both provides more points to any applicant, but fluency in one of these two languages will increase any applicant’s chances significantly.


Points are awarded to applicants between 21 and 49 years of age. Points are removed for every year older or younger.

Arranged employment

With a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer, applicants may be awarded an additional points.


The Canadian government also takes adaptability into account when evaluating any applicant. The adaptability category addresses a potential applicant’s perceived ability to adapt quickly to life in Canada. The Canadian Government will award any applicant who has relatives in Canada or has spent time in Canada working or studying.

Why You Should Come

Come to alberta

Alberta is the richest province in Canada. We have many job openings especially dealing with trades and the oil fields. We have very good healthcare and housing opportunities. Our economy is really good, you can buy real estate for cheap. Their is no Provincial taxes here and a flat income tax of 10%.