Sold & Closed

in Just 4 Days!

"I have known Diane Terry for sixteen years. Initially, we met as new Kindergarten mums at Seattle Country Day School because Diane volunteered as Room Parent every year. She was an exceptional asset to the school community and a very active participant throughout the K-8 years despite running a successful real estate business. I’ve also been a member of her Book Club for nearly 10 years, so I feel especially qualified and honored to write this recommendation.

Five years ago, I went through a very tumultuous divorce, and as things progressed, I needed to sell my house. When I asked Diane to be my Realtor for the sale of my house she declined saying she felt too close to me to be a fair representative for both myself and my ex-husband. She offered to find an excellent Realtor who didn’t know either of us. Integrity is demonstrated not spoken! She put my interest above her own profit and this has been a pattern I have been able to observe in all areas of her life.

When I was eventually ready to buy my own place and the dust had settled from my divorce, I contacted her again. The market had abruptly rebounded and she quickly prepared me for the frantic seller’s market. I knew the neighborhood I wanted but the most difficult part was deciding on a home. Diane really helped me narrow down my options and gave me honest opinions throughout the home searching process.

From the moment I told Diane I wanted to put in an offer, she leaped into action. She advised me to have the furnace, the masonry, the entire house, the sewer line ALL pre-inspected so I knew what I was taking on. Diane’s inspector was the only inspector to notice there was moisture in the basement because he had use of a special moisture meter.

There were a couple of concerns with a shared sewer line and Diane was able to give me an explanation having had the title company translate the deed before I even noticed the confusing language. We were reassured at the beginning of the sale about repairs to this shared sewer line but when no receipts were produced, I was understandably concerned. Diane didn’t give up and yet again proved her effectiveness by tracking down the neighbor on a fishing boat off the coast of Washington! Her close attention to every possible detail was exemplary and typical throughout the entire transaction.

Those of us fortunate to have a shared history with Diane know she surrounds herself by some of the finer things in life; fine food, great literature, lifelong friends and an amazing team of professionals who will literally go to the end of the earth for her; as she will for her clients. They all accommodated us on extremely short notice and pushed out all the stops. Despite multiple offers Diane got me the house and demonstrated her superior understanding of contract details, negotiation skills and etiquette. We closed in four days!!

Diane made a nerve-wracking negotiation a wonderful success!!!! I feel extremely fortunate that I chose to work with Diane on the purchase of my new home."

-Louise Branch Carrabba

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