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Where You Are Always A Winner

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Positives about Sparta

We have the strongest army, which will always allow you to feel pride.

If you are a warrior, you will die with honor.

Men and women are treated equal!

Activities for the whole family!

Enjoy the fun game called "knucklebones". Everybody will have a blast.

Bull-leaping is so much fun!

Athletics are the center of Sparta.

Athens does the Olympics... We would beat them anyway.

You can take a nice stroll down the dirt path.

The toughest will train for the war.

Athens does drama? Who has time for that?


Boys are sent away to go to school at the age of 7.

When babies are born, they are checked over for sturdiness and overall health. If they appear weak, they are left to die, but if they appear healthy, they will be taken in by their families. Make sure you are strong so you can have strong children!


Both men and women can become a priest.

All men are required to fight in the war.

The men have to dig the graves after a death occurs.

The women are allowed to own property, unlike Athens.

Women are tough too, we are expected to fight.

Women have to wash the dead bodies. Gross!

More about us:

We honor violence.

We think that health and fitness is the most important thing here in Sparta.

We always take pride in what we do.

We are ruled by an oligarchy. (I don't like the kings....Don't tell anyone I said that!)

Us Spartans farm. We don't trade because we are better than the other polis, and their ideas aren't good.

We steal, but when we do pay, we use iron bars.