Space Race: 1957 – 1975

Race between the two world powers: Soviet Union and U.S.A


The space race was against the Soviet Union and the United States of America


The Space Race was a race for power in spaceflight capability. The Soviet Union launched Yuri Gagarin into space and was the first man to orbit the Earth in the spacecraft Vostok. America then had Apollo Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin Were the first people on on the moon.


The Soviet Union beat the US with being the first to go into space in October 4, 1957 and U.S. walking on the moon in July 20, 1969. The years it all took place though were 1957-1975.


Space, but The Russians blasted Vostok from Moscow, Russia while the United States blasted Apollo 11 north of Canaveral at Merritt Island.

Why important?

It wasn't just a competition to see who could get to the moon first, it was also about Communism vs. Capitalism. countries were choosing sides for either communism ore capitalism and this proved what system worked best and who was more powerful out of the two.