Theodore Roosevelt

by Raj Kumar

Superhero Project

Superhero Title: "Captain Compassion" a.k.a. Theodore Roosevelt.

Slogan: Roosevelt made working conditions better for many people, while also being an environmentalist!

Arch Nemesis: "Two-Timing Tariff Taft" a.k.a. William Taft, who is Roosevelt's enemy for many reasons. Taft and Roosevelt were on very good terms during Roosevelt's presidency. They both shared the same views on government and politics. So when Roosevelt's time was over, he basically gave the presidency to William Taft, because he thought that Taft would be just like an extension of his presidency. But no, Taft two timed him and turned to a more liberal standpoint. William Taft is responsible for the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act, which lowered certain tariffs on goods entering the U.S., as well as put an income tax on the privilege of conducting business as a corporation. Roosevelt had set high expectations for Taft, and due to this, he became irate and called Taft "weak."

Sidekick: "Dr. Anarchist" a.k.a. Lincoln Steffens. Lincoln Steffons wrote mainly about the corruptness of municipal (local) governments in cities. He was a New York reporter who worked for McClure's, and his series of articles soon was published into a book, "The Shame of the Cities."

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