Dawn of Start

A film by Sonia Khan

Movie Synopsis

A browser based game where players team up and square off in a battle for the future.

Cyborg Dawn is a game I started building in college. It is a browser based Free To Play game with a micro transaction system. The micro transactions are not required to win! The game pits players against each other in a large world with RPG elements. As the players level up they gain new abilities which allow them to do things such as:

  • convert players to their faction,
  • call in missile strikes,
  • deploy nerve Gas
  • Analyze other Player Characters
  • Heal Teammates
  • and become a force multiplayer in player versus player combat.

Film start

This is the movie still
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Who am I

Writer/Director/Editor Hye Mee Na immigrated with her family to the United States from South Korea when she was fifteen.

Her initial struggles with language barriers placed her in math and science classes, leading her down the path to studying behavioral biology and neuroscience in college. For seven years, she worked in a renowned Parkinson’s Disease Research lab where she shaved tiny rodent brains into thinner than paper slices on a glorified meat slicer. She also became an expert at bargaining for microscope parts.

In 2008, she left the world of microscopic imaging and enrolled at New York University’s prestigious MFA Film program in order to pursue her lifelong dream of filmmaking. Within four years of switching her career, she received the Tisch School of the Arts Departmental Fellowship, became an adjunct instructor for

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1979) Full Movie