Term 1 Revison


What is syntax?

Syntax is a collection of code that has been typed. Below is a collection of code, syntax.

Variables, Floats, Strings, And Intergers


A variable is something with a value that may change. In simpler terms, a variable is just a box that you can put stuff in, like the one below. You can use variables to store all kinds of stuff. |if that wasn't enough, there is also a video explaining below!


A float is a number that is decimalized.

An example...

my_variable_float = 1.23


A string is something that isn't a interger or a float. It is in quotes.

Here's an example

"Hello, I'm a string!


An interger is a whole number, it is a data type.

Here is an example

my_variable_int = 7

Below is what an interger is!

Go to the link below to find out more!


Binary is what the computer reads in. Denary is decimal numbers. It converts the decimal number into what the computer can understand.

Code Academy

Code academy is a program that lets you learn python.

Go below to go to code academy.