All About Me!

Bhavini Mistry

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Bhavini Mistry and I am a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School! I am currently 15 years old which makes me the youngest in a family of 6. My family is made up of my grandma, my mom, my dad, my oldest sister Roopal and my second oldest sister Hemali. Something intesting about my sisters and I is that I am 11 years younger than Roopal and 7 years younger than Hemali! Despite the age differences between us, we still have a really close relationship with each other. We go on vacation together, we spend time with each other and we are always making jokes! We actually just went to Orlando, Florida together to visit the amazing Harry Potter World! To your left, you can see a picture of me geeking out with Hermione's wand while wearing my 'Harry Potter' hat.

As you probably guessed, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter! However, I also enjoy many other books and series because I love to read and get lost in different worlds of literature. Some of my favourite books are The Hunger Games series, the Matched series and The Secret Daughter. Some of my other hobbies include playing badminton and volleyball, spending time with my friends and listening to music. However, my all time favourite pass time would have to be drawing! I started drawing at the age of 12 and I haven't stopped since! When I first started drawing I drew a lot of lyrics and doodles, but I have transitioned to portraits and other types of art. I created an account on Instagram where I post all of the artwork! I am very proud of (my Instagram page) because I was able to share my artwork with many people around the world and connect with a community of people who share the same interest as me.

As you may have noticed, I am a very creative and artist person! I love to have creative control over my projects and I often incorporate art into all of my projects and assignments at school. Some other character traits about me are that I am very conscious of myself (I know what I can and cannot do), I enjoy helping others and I am very determined. If you give me a task to complete, I will do it to the best of my ability because I hate letting people down. Some of my pet peeves include ignorant/rude people, loud chewing and people who don't respect other people. Now that I have introduced myself I hope you will continue reading to get to know me even better!

My Life Line!

Below you will see 10 events that have happened throughout my life that I believe are very significant!

February 2- February 6, 2016

The most recent and significant moment in my life would have to be the trip I took with Hemali and Roopal (my sisters) to Orlando, Florida! Since Roopal is getting married very soon, she wanted to go on a bachelorette trip with her bridesmaids; however, I couldn't go because they decided to go to Vegas and since I am only 15, there wouldn't be much for me to do there. So to get me involved, my sisters surprised me with a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! This is a significant moment in my life because this is the best trip I have ever been on! The main reason we went to Universal Studios is because the Harry Potter theme parks are located there. My sister know that I am obsessed with the entire series so they decided it was a nice treat to take me to the theme parks. This trip is so important to me because it was a gift from my sisters. They have done so much for me and I love them to death, so to have even more memories with them means a lot to me.

My Favourite Things!

Below you will see my top 3 favourite things in the entire world! It was really hard choosing just three, but I managed to do so!

Little Mix

My favourite band is a U.K girl group named Little Mix! To the left you will see a picture of them from their 'Get Weird' album photo shoot. From left to right the members are Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall and Jesy Nelson. The girls of Little Mix did not start as a group, they auditioned as solo artists on the U.K version of The X Factor (a singing competition). Individually the girls didn't make it past round two, but the judges thought they had too much talent to be sent home. So they decided to put them into a girl group named Little Mix. The girls had a lot of success on the show and ended up winning that season of The X Factor! Ever since then they have been releasing new music and touring all around the world. They currently have 3 chart topping albums named D.N.A., Salute and Get Weird.

Little Mix is my favourite band because they have amazing music and they are the definition of girl power! The girls write their own music and the lyrics in their songs have extraordinary meanings behind them. Their songs encourage girls and boys to love themselves for who they are and embrace everything about themselves. I love the message and the music they put out because there are many people around the world that struggle with accepting who they are and these songs help with this issue.

Another reason Little Mix is my favourite band is because they really are the definition of girl power! They are the closest friends in the world and they support each other no matter what. Girl power means that women are successful in their lives, but they also recognize and support other woman who are successful or are trying to become successful. Little Mix support many women and men all around the world and they are not afraid to show their support for causes that they think are important. I think this is really important because women (and men) need to learn to support each other, no matter which path they are on. That is why Little Mix is my favourite band because they are very kind, supportive and send good messages out to their fans.

Official Website!

Any successful band has their own official website, and Little Mix is no exception to this! Little Mix's official website is where fans can buy exclusive merchandise, get tickets for their up coming shows and stay up to date with what the girls are doing!

Successful Singles!

One of Little Mix's most popular songs is called Black Magic! It was released in August of 2015 and it has been growing ever since. The single broke records all around the world, including England, America and Australia!

Little Mix - Black Magic

Favourite Cover!

Little Mix has one of the best vocals in the industry so when they covered Jason Derulo's song, Want To Want Me, while mixing in a little bit of Whitney Houston's, Dance With Somebody, it is not a surprise that the result was pure perfection!

Little Mix - Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston cover in the Live Lounge)

The Harry Potter Series

My favourite books are the Harry Potter series! The series is all about a boy named Harry Potter who learns he is a wizard. Throughout the books Harry attends a magical school called Hogwarts, where he meets his new best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Together the Golden Trio overcome obstacles and eventually take down the most evil wizard alive, Lord Voldemort. The series is about friendship, love and overcoming one's fears. This is my favourite book series because it is very relatable and I feel a very strong connection with the characters.

When I first started reading this series I was really hesitant to start because I was intimidated by it's length (7 books are a lot to read). However, as soon as I started to read about the magical world, I couldn't put the books down! The wizarding world is so interesting and complex and I think that is why Harry Potter is one of my favourite book and movie series. There is so much to pay attention to when reading these books and watching these movies. There is something for everybody in these books which is why I love it so much, because it doesn't just focus on one topic. These books are meant for a wide range of people, from adults to little kids. People create new and special bonds with each other because they feel a strong connection to this work of literature.

Another reason why my favourite series is Harry Potter is because these are the only books I have read where I have felt a strong connection with a number of characters and not just the protagonist. I think this is the main reason I feel in love with the Harry Potter books because there were so many different characters that are so different from each other, but somehow they all had traits that reflected my own personality. I felt a connection with them because they all seemed just like me, even though they were all magical creatures. The books created a sense of adventure in your everyday life which made the books more appealing to read. The Harry Potter series has taught me so much and now I try to live my life by some of the ideals I have picked up after reading these books. The Harry Potter books are my favourite series because they have changed my life, even if it's in the smallest ways possible.

Movie Trailers!

The Harry Potter books were so successful that they were made into 8 separate movies! Here is a video which compiled all 8 trailers from the Harry Potter movie series into one short video!

Harry Potter Trailers (All Eight)


The wizarding world was so popular as books and movies, but the fans of Harry Potter just couldn't get enough! That's why the writer of the amazing series, J.K. Rowling, created a website dedicated to the wizarding world called Pottermore! This website has exclusive writings from J.K. Rowling herself and it invites fans to experience the wizarding world for themselves.

Harry Potter Quiz!

Take this Buzzfeed quiz to test your knowledge on the Harry Potter books. Do you think

you're up for the test?


Friends is a television sitcom that follows the lives of 6 friends living and working in New York. To the left you will see a picture of the characters. From left to right the characters (and the actors who portrayed them) are Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), Chandler Bing (Mathew Perry), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). Friends is my all time favourite television show because it is always relevant. Some of the topics they cover in the 10 seasons are still issues people face today which is what makes it such an amazing show. People can relate to this T.V. show because the characters look like normal people who have normal lives. That is what I really like about Friends, it doesn't seem too staged or fake; the show and the relationships on it flow naturally.

Not only that, but the individual characters are so hilarious and when you put them together you are bound to get one of the funniest T.V. shows in history! Each character has a completely different personality from the next, but when you put them together their group seems to work well. My favourite character is Chandler Bing. In the show he is the friend that is know for being the 'funny guy' and that is exactly what he is! Chandler is so sarcastic and dry with his humor you can't help but laugh when he makes a joke. However, I will not deny that all of the characters on the show are all hilarious in their own unique ways. Friends is one of my all-time favourite shows because it is timeless. No matter what year it is or what path my life goes down, this show will always make me laugh my socks off and it will still be just as relatable. That is why Friends is my favourite television show.

Theme Song!

This is a video of the infamous theme song to Friends! Every time I watch the show I can't help but sing along!
Friends Original Intro in HIGH DEFINITION

Friends Quiz!

Test your knowledge about the hilarious sitcom with the ultimate quiz from Buzzfeed. Answer 15 questions about the Friends television show to see just how much you know about the lives of Monica, Joey, Chandler, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe.

A Scene from One of My Favourite Episodes!

This is a clip from one of my favourite episodes of Friends! The group are playing a game of football on Thanksgiving to continue on the annual Geller family tradition; however, things start to go south as Ross and Monica's competitive side start to show.

The Thanksgiving Football Game for the Geller Cup | Friends

My Leadership Style!

Big image

I have found that my I am a leader as a consultant. I do not always look for power, but I will not deny that I do enjoy being in control. I think I am a leader as a consultant because I always try to get the team involved in finishing the final product. Whenever we are brainstorming ideas for a project or assignment I like to sit down with the group and throw around ideas, until we have created a plan to complete the task. Before we finalize the plan, I go around to each of the group members to make sure that everybody is comfortable with what we are planning on doing. If there is some doubt, I like to bring the group together again to come to a compromise so that everybody is happy. Whenever I am the leader, I also turn to the members of the group who are more experienced in a certain field to help if their field is brought up. I do this because I want the final product to be the best item our group can produce, so if someone is more knowledgeable about a topic it only makes sense for them to help us complete the task. I have been a leader as a consultant multiple times in my life, but the most prominent time I used this leadership style was when I was the student producer of Sunny View Middle School's play.

As the student producer I had to make sure the actors and actresses knew all of their lines, the band was rehearsing their songs, the sets were being built and that the entire play ran smoothly on opening night. I was a leader as a consultant during this time because I found that it was the easiest way to make the play a success. I would sit down with the actors and actresses every Thursday at rehearsal and talk about what needed to be worked on and how they wanted the sets to look. I would take all of their ideas and see what would work best. I did this because the cast knew the play inside and out, so to ask them what should be happening would make the story come to life a lot faster. I would work with the leader of the band to make sure the band was ready for opening night and I trusted the band leader to make sure the band was practicing because he was more experienced in the music field than I was. However, whenever he had a question he came to me for clarification. I was a leader as a consultant because I took everybody's ideas and tried to make them a reality. I didn't just think do whatever I wanted to do because the play was a very big production and it needed a lot of people to be a success. Consulting works for me because I believe everybody working on the project should be involved in some part of the final product. This way the entire group is engaged in the project, which results in a better final product.

My Influences!

Throughout my entire life I have been influenced by a number of things, whether it was the things I read or the people I talked to. I would not be the person I am today without the many influences I have had throughout my 15 years of living. I would say that my biggest influences are my family and friends. My family is my number 1 influence because I have been surrounded by them my entire life. They taught me how to walk, talk, interact with other people and so much more. My family is full of very successful people who pay close attention to detail. I believe I have been influenced by them because when I look at myself I see these traits. I try my best to be successful in school by getting good grades and participating in extracurricular activities that interest me. I also stress over the small details of my work because I believe the entire product will look better if the smaller details are perfect. Now this is just one example of how my family has influenced the way I live my life, they have also influenced the way I dress, the things I like, what I want to be when I grow up and so much more. That is why my family has been the biggest influence in my life.
The next biggest influences in my life would have to be my friends! My friends are the second biggest influence in my life because I think your peers can really shape you into the person you are. If you are surrounded by negative energies, you are more likely to do bad things. This is why I try to surround myself with positive energies because when I have people who are trying their best and working towards their goals, it makes me also want to do my best. My friends are incredibly intelligent and they are always getting the top marks in class and receiving awards for their achievements. They make me want to work just as hard to achieve my own goals, academic or not. We are constantly supporting and helping each other with our goals.

They have taught me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams because if I work hard enough my dreams can turn into reality. On top of this, my friends are also very confident and vocal about their opinions. Before I became friends with my friend group I was very shy and I never really liked to bring attention to myself. However, I have found that they have helped me come out of my shell and become a bit more confident in myself and I am very grateful for that. My biggest influences are my friends and family because I am constantly surrounded by them and sometimes their qualities rub off on me. I am glad that I have such an amazing group of people who have influenced my life because without them I wouldn't be who I am today!

My Role Model!

Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii)

My biggest role model is a Youtuber named Lilly Singh! Lilly is best know for making Youtube videos and posting them to her Youtube page, iiSuperwomanii. This is where she got her famous name of Superwoman! Lilly was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario and she comes from an Indian background. Lilly is my biggest role model for a number of reasons. The first reason is because she overcame depression to become the wonderful person she is today. To overcome depression is a very difficult thing to do which is why I look up to Lilly because she showed me that no matter how hard my life gets, there will always be better days to come.

Another reason I look up to Lilly Singh is because she shares the same background as me. She is an Indo-Canadian girl who grew up in the GTA and now she is one of the most famous Youtubers in the world. Her actions inspire me because they showed me that no matter where you come from you can make a difference in the world. Growing up I always thought that because I live in Canada it would be next to impossible to get into the entertainment industry. However, after seeing Lilly and all of her success it made me believe that I could also achieve my goals. She showed me that no matter where you come from you have a chance to live out your craziest dreams, if you work hard enough. That brings me to my next point. I chose Lilly as my role model because she is so hard working! She posts two videos to her main Youtube channel every week, while uploading daily vlogs (video blogs) to her second channel (superwomanvlogs).

On top of all of this she also works on multiple secret projects where she partners up with different organizations to create new videos for the world to see. She inspires me to work hard because I know that if she can do it, then so can I! On multiple occasions I have found myself with a lot of homework to complete, but I didn't want to do it. However, in those situations I remember what Lilly always says about being productive, "the hardest part is starting the work", which is very true! She also says she's going to "strap in and go into work mode" which also motivates me to do my own work because it is something that starts off my work sessions on a positive note. These are the reasons why I picked Lilly Singh as my role model because she inspires me to be my best and try my hardest in everything I do.

Draw My Life (Lilly Singh Edition)

Here is a video that Lilly posted to her YouTube channel which tells the audience stories from her childhood and how she came to have such a successful career on YouTube.
Draw My Life | Superwoman

Speaking at We Day!

Along with creating and uploading videos to her multiple YouTube channels, Lilly Singh is also a motivational speaker. She goes to schools and other institutions to inspire people to be the best person they can be. Here is a video of her speaking to the youth of Toronto at the 2015 We Day event.
The Time I Performed at We Day! (Day 370)

Embracing her Indian Heritage!

As you know, I look up to Lilly because her and I are very much alike in heritage. In this video she speaks about her experiences growing up in an Indian household and how she came to terms with being Indian.
Embracing My Indian Heritage with Lilly Singh | Pretty Unfiltered

My Future!

Big image

My future career plan is to become a graphic designer. Graphic designers are people who create logos, billboards, posters and so much more for businesses and organizations trying to captivate the attention of the consumers. A graphic designers main job is to create advertisements that would make consumers want to purchase the product or service they are trying to sell. I would like to become a graphic designer because the job has everything I am looking for. Having a career in graphic design will allow me to be creative on a day-to-day basis, use my skills in art to complete my job and it is constantly changing. I need to work in a place where I can be creative and use my art skills because that is what I am most passionate about. Also a graphic designer's job is always changing. One day you could be working on a advertisement project for one company and the next you have a brand new project to get started on.

I think graphic design is the right career choice for me because it incorporates everything I am passionate about; however, this career also allows me to make money off of my passions. I plan on become a graphic designer by going to college or university to study the art of graphic design. Doing this will help me achieve my end goal of becoming a graphic designer because companies will see that I am educated on the topic of graphic design and will want to hire me for the job. Some steps that I am currently taking to insure that I have a future in graphic design are joining the SHSM program at school where I will be focusing on the graphic design field and continuing to improve my drawing skills by practicing on a weekly basis. These two actions will help me get into the post-secondary institution of my choice because they will see that I already have some experience with graphic design. Through the SHSM program I will develop the basic skills of a graphic design student, which will help me get into the college or university I would like to get into. This is how I plan on becoming a graphic designer.

Family Symbols

Below you will see 6 symbols that I feel represent my family and I!

Personality Test Results!

Througout our careers course we have been doing a whole bunch of personality quizzes and test. Below you will see my test results and my opinion on the tests and the results I got!

Learning Styles Test!

I am relatively evenly spaced in my learning styles category. My test results said that I was a 35% visual learner, 33% kinesthetic learner and a 32% auditory learner. I think these test results are very true for me because I learn best when there is a mixture of these three learning styles. I have never had just 1 style that worked best for me. In math, visual and kinesthetic learning styles help me learn best because my teacher can explain how to do a problem, while they draw or write it out. However, when I am learning to speak French it is helpful that I hear someone else speak French before I try it on my own. This is because after I hear someone else speak, it helps me understand how I am supposed to say certain words and how they should flow when I say them.

My learning style really depends on what I am learning; I cannot be confined to just one. When I learn something while using all three of these styles I am more likely to remember what I have learned because I have 3 ways to remember it. If I happen to forget the main way I understand something, I have two back-up options to help me remember how to do a math problem, or say a word in French. That is why I think my best learning style varies depending on what I am learning.

Personality Test!

INFP is someone who is creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. They are known to be independent, good with connecting with people, willing to help others in need and ensure nobody is left out. I feel as though I have all of these qualities because I do work well with people. Whenever I am working in a group, I like to go around and ask every member of the group to pitch an idea. Then I take some of those ideas and some of my ideas to create a plan to finish the project. I distribute the to tasks based on the skills and talents of the other members of the group. So if someone is better at writing rather than speaking, they would be in charge of writing. I do this because then everybody feels like they have contributed to the end product, but they didn't have to do something they didn't want to do. I often take the tasks nobody wants to do so everybody else will stay positive while working on the project.

INFPs are also very private and self-conscious. This is true in my case because I don't really open up to many people. However, I try to stay as friendly as possible with everybody I meet. Another thing I found to be true about me is that I try to live up to many expectations, which leads me to burn out. I become so focused on completing the task at hand, that I forget to take care of myself. This can be harmful in a number of ways as it can lead me to do poorly on other tasks. The only thing I disagree with is that I disregard facts and data when making a decision. I like to think that I make my decisions based on facts and data, but also what I feel is right. I don't always just go with instinct because I know that isn't the best way to make good decisions. That is why an INFP personality type describes my personality pretty accurately.

Interests Test!

The result I got was The Visionary. This means that I am creative and I have a charismatic nature. I agree with this to some extent. I think I am a good leader because I listen to others ideas and add them to the ones I have in my head. This way everybody in the group has contributed to the final product. I also believe I am energetic because I like to talk about my ideas and explain how and why I thought of them. I also have noticed that I am able to explain what the final assignment or task will look like, even before any work has been done.

The only thing I would disagree with is that I would be comfortable in social situations. Sometimes I can be put into a group and easily become friends with the other members. However, sometimes I am very shy and only speak when someone asks me a question or asks for my opinion. This is because sometimes I feel more comfortable with a certain group of people. Although I may be uncomfortable with certain people, I do try to make the best of the situation and make small talk with the other people. In conclusion, I think this test results are mostly correct about me because I do enjoy being a leader, I am creative and artistic and I am good at helping people envision the final product which would make me The Visionary.

Knowledge Test!

My test result said that my top subject area is business. I think this test result suits me because I have always wanted to go into the business field when I got older. What I like about business is that there is a wide range of jobs that I could find that are good for me. I know that I am on the creative side of the spectrum, so going into marketing or advertising lets me express my creative ideas, while still making money. Marketing or advertising is the perfect career choice for me because it has all of the elements I am looking for. It allows my to express my creative ideas, gives me the ability to work in a group, but also independently and it is not as restricting as a career as a doctor, lawyer and many more.

I had taken this test when I was in grade 9 and the top subject area I got at the time was physical education. I thought this was a big mis-match because the career options had nothing I was really passionate about. Although I enjoy being physically fit and living a healthy lifestyle, I don't think I could go into that career sector. Physical education would not be a good career path for me because it has nothing to do with being creative. I think I got physical education as my top subject area last time I took the quiz because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I am glad I got business this time because I now know that I have the skills and talent to thrive in the business field.

Motivations Test!

The top motivation factor I got was the sense of achievement. I think the test result is dead on about this. Whenever I complete a lot of stuff I needed to do I have this feeling that I have made my life cleaner. It may sound strange, but I feel like I have accomplished so much in a day when I can see that I have completed certain tasks.

An example of accomplishment would be when you clean your room. Before you clean your room, you make feel as though you haven't done anything and that you are being unproductive. However, after you clean your room and you see what a good job you did and feel really good about yourself. This is my main motivation factor because I like the feeling I get when I complete a task, so I would like to feel like that all of the time. That is why achievement is my top motivation factor because that feeling I get at the end pushes me to do more.

Multiple Intelligence Test!

Multiple intelligences are different ways people interpret the world around them. My multiple intelligence test scores showed me that my strongest trait was how well I knew myself. My multiple intelligences from strongest to weakest were intrapersonal, existential and visual tied for second, logical and verbal tied for third, interpersonal and kinesthetic tied for fourth, musical was fifth and naturalist was the weakest. This test did rank my strengths and weaknesses pretty accurately. If I were to take the 9 categories and arrange them from strongest to weakest on my own, I would put it in this order, except there wouldn’t be as many ties. These results did not shock me because I know a lot about myself. It makes sense that my strongest intelligence was intrapersonal because I have always been good at understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I rank this even higher than my visual ability, which I pride myself on, because I think it is important to know what you are capable of doing. When you know what you can and cannot do, you can use those skills to better your life.

Visual intelligence was second and that made sense because I am a very creative and artistic person. When I learn something new I like to visualize it in my head because that is they way I end up remembering it. Something that I was shocked about was that existential tied for second. This shocked me because before this assignment I never knew what existential intelligence was. After googling it I realized it was the ability to look at the bigger picture and question life. When I got my test results, the first thought I had was that I should not be getting a high score on existential intelligence. However, after thinking about it for a few minutes, I realized that more often than not I am thinking about the bigger picture, rather than focusing on the topic at hand. I think about the bigger picture a lot because I need to know that the work I am doing will be beneficial in the future. The third highest intelligence was logical and verbal. Logical is third because I do try to be reasonable when making a decision, but I also listen to my instinct. Verbal intelligence is also third because I am very good at solving problems by explaining them outloud.

Interpersonal and kinesthetic are fourth because I believe both of these are related to my health and well-being. Interpersonal is fourth because although I am a social person, I enjoy being on my own. However, whenever I am put in a social situation I try to understand where the other person is coming from. This way I can offer advice and help in a way that makes sense to the person I am talking to. This is related to my health because communicating well with others indicates that my mental health is good. Kinesthetic intelligence is also tied for fourth because I am good at using my body to learn, but it isn’t something I do on the daily. This relates to my health because being physically active means your body and mind are healthy. Musical intelligence is fifth because I don’t have a strong interest in creating my own music, and often music is the thing that distracts me from getting my work done. However, I do enjoy listening and appreciating music others have created. Lastly, naturalist intelligence is my weakest because I never work outside. Whenever I work it is in a quiet, secluded room where I can focus; working outside has too many things for me to get distracted by, therefore I try to stay away from there. That is why naturalist intelligence is my weakest one.

Now that I know intrapersonal intelligence is my strongest I can use it to improve the way I learn. Since I know a lot about myself and the way I work, I can create schedules and lists based on what I can expect from myself. I know that when I am in a certain mood I can be very productive, and other days I won’t even want to get out of bed. In these scenarios I can work with myself to make sure I learn from my mistakes and get the job done. If I know that I am not feeling very good a certain day I won’t make my work load so big, because if I am not in the mood I won’t do a good job at completing my tasks. When I am in a good mood I will make sure I try to complete everything on my to-do list. This is because I know that this mood comes every once and a while and so I should make the best of it. That is how I will use my intrapersonal intelligence to make learning easier for me.

True Colours Test!

My strongest character trait was curious green, and I do agree with this test result. A curious green is someone who needs mental power or has to be seen as smart. This does describe me because I like to be seen as smart to my family, friends and my peers. I think it is good if people see me as smart because it shows that the work I do in school and outside of school are benefiting me. I don’t like to do things that I know won’t have an impact on my life in the long run; I think of it as a waste of time. If my hard work is showing others that I am smart it makes me feel good because I know that I have improved. Curious greens also love learning and sharing new information. This describes me because I actually do love coming to school and learning new things, the only thing I hate about school is the amount of work that needs to be put in to prove that I understand the marterial (i.e. tests, projects, assignments, homework, etc.). I am very self-motivated and logical, which makes a curious green personality type the one that matches me the most.

I not only agree that curious green is my strongest, but harmonious blue and responsible gold are my second best traits. Harmonious blues are known for being very friendly, but also sensitive, they care for others feelings and they’re main goal is to make the world a better place. This describes me because I do try to have good relationships with other people. I do this because I know that some of my personal success relies on the relationships I keep with the people around me. If I am surrounded by negative energies, I know that I will not be able to do the best I can do. If I surround myself with positive energy, it will motivate me to do my best. Responsible Gold tied for second because I do need structure and organization in my life, and I do respect authority. The reason this isn’t first is because I am not the most organized person in the world. I try to keep things in order as much as I can, but sometimes I my schedule can lead me to be very disorganized.

My weakest personality trait was Adventurous Orange. An Adventurous Orange is someone who is spontaneous and acts impulsively. This doesn’t describe my personality very well because I am more likely to think through my problem thoroughly before taking action. I also do not like taking too many risks because I would much rather think things through before making a decision. Although this may not be my personality type, I did score some points in the Adventurous Orange section because I am very competitive.