Demi Brown/Green 1


Desert Food Web

My food web starts off with the sun, then the sun moves its energy to the (producer) cactus, the cactus gets eaten by (primary consumers) insects, small lizards or kangaroo rats. Then after, the insects get eaten by (secondary consumers) scorpions and larger lizards. The small lizards get eaten by the big lizards, and the kangaroo rat either goes to a snake, desert fox or hawk. The large lizards get eaten by (tertiary consumer) Hawks or desert foxes, the same with snakes. Then it all comes down to the bacteria and fungi to decompose.

Symbiotic Relationships

Human Impacts

Pros and cons

Humans can have a negative or positive impact on the environment. Some positive ways are as simple as cleaning up some litter you see on a beach, or donating money to a wildlife charity and/or recycling. Some negative ways is cutting down forests for towns an such, intoxicating the air with pollution, throwing your unwanted trash into lakes or any place that has something to do with nature. We should try harder to keep places beautiful.