Unviervisty of Flordia


“We Are the Boys from Old Florida”

At the end of every third quarter at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Florida fans join together and sway back and forth as they recite the lyrics to “We Are the Boys from Old Florida”. It was written in 1919 by Robert Swanson and John Icenhour, two University of Florida students, for their Barbershop .The song has played at every football game since the 1930s by the schoolmarching band.
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"Gator Chomp"

The "Gator Chomp" is a gesture made by Florida Gators fans and players to show their support of the Florida Gators sports teams.The chomp was created in 1981. The "Gator Chomp" symbolizes an alligatormouth. The "Gator Chomp" is performed at every home sport game and every pep rally.
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34th Street Wall

The 34th Street Wall is a 1,120-foot-long retaining wall along SW 34th Street in Gainesville, Florida. The wall was made in 1979. It was built to prevent erosion of a hill nearby  the school golf course. Any University of Florida student can draw, write, messages, and etc. on the wall. Messages painted on the wall include marriage proposals, birthday wishes, graduation announcements, celebration of athletic victories, public awareness, promotion, and tributes.
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