Is Animal Testing Ethical?

Is It Good Or Bad?

What is animal testing?

Animal testing is the use of non-human animals in experiments, research, testing for behavioral studies, bio-medical research, and cosmetics. Some people believe any testing on animals is not humane. However, some animal testing can save human lives.

Animal Testing is Not Always Very Effective

  • 92 percent of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or don’t work.
  • According to the Humane Society, registration of a single pesticide requires more than 50 experiments and the use of as many as 12, 000 animals.
  • Even animals that are protected under the Animal Welfare Act can be abused and tortured.

Cruel Procedures

  • Up to 90% of animals used in U.S. labs aren’t counted in the official statistics of animals tested.
  • Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused in U.S. labs every year.
  • “Lethal dose” tests are used where animals are forced to swallow large amounts of a test chemical to determine what dose causes death.

Other Options Than Animal Testing

  • Cloned human skin cells
  • Human skin patches
  • Computer and mathematical models
  • Tissue culture systems
  • Cell and organ cultures