Civil Rights & Personal Security Issues (research project)

Journalism Source #1

The problem at hand between these documents is women treated equally to men? As a girl my view on this is very strong. In the four perspectives above the people writing are pro-feminism and are able to speak their mind about it. In source number one a women is being persecuted for a gender in her field of work, firefighting. Since most of the workers there are male, she feels that they single her out and has filed many complaints about being harassed and even gestured in a derogatory way. The court will not listen to her or even give her a fair trial in court because she lacks substantial evidence. She continues on in her area of expertise, being singled out even during fire drills, which she claimed, could lead to be a safety issue. In this scenario, I am neutral. In most cases I take the woman’s side, but in this case I have a few complaints with the way she handled things. First off, you are a firefighter, you are surrounded by men, yes you might feel left out sometimes because the law of human kind makes that so, but it seems to me like she if finding a reason to complain, and is being a little insecure. She chose to be a firefighter. Of course it is never okay to be called names or harassed, she also has no evidence so no one really knows what really happened since it’s her word against theirs. I strongly believe she set herself up for this to happen, she cried wolf and then when it really did matter what the court said, the court did not even listen. Although there need to be some adjustments to the way things go around at the firehouse, I also believe that she cannot complain that the court will not take her appeal, because they are not anything more than humans, and when human brains hear the same thing over and over again you start to tune it out.

Journalism Source #2

In this article millions of women who are employed at wall-mart are complaining and even filing complaints for the way they are treated. The women and their attorneys say they are put last on the list, or not even at all, when it comes to promotions and even getting paid. The Court said they will not take that case because there is no sufficient evidence that the women of wall-mart are being treated poorly. The court said that wall-mart has strict policies towards no gender and minority discrimination, and until that is proved otherwise “we are treated differently” will not be a worthy case. In this situation I agree with the women. I don’t think there will ever be specific evidence but if there are one million women petitioning for this it is obviously going on in at least half of their careers. One thing wall-mart can do better are cameras, see what the bosses talk about, see what they are talking about while deciding who is going to get the promotion. On the other hand though, I don’t think the court wants to cause any trouble which is bad to say but you cannot simply deny one million women because they don’t have hard evidence. Maybe if they looked into the case they would find evidence, for instance, records of the pay roll and who got moved up to what position, there are no hard copy evidences for the majority of human behavior.


In this article a woman from Miami University organized a meeting for feminists to talk about ways to promote the idea. This is a good idea because that way people who are and even who are not feminists can dig deeper into the real issues and find out things they can do in their community. I do think their idea is a good one, to sort of reinvent feminism, but either way you are either for it or against it, and unless taken very seriously you could make someone not for it any longer, and it doesn’t seem like they put a lot of effort into this event.


In this article someone does not believe what President Obama is saying. They are skeptical that the president has such views on feminism. I think this is a good resource, but then again it is biased, although I guess you cannot really write a non biased opinion on the topic of feminism. In this case though, I know as the president, Obama has certain very prominent lines he cannot cross because some people will take him the wrong way and it will cause a whole big scene. I do agree though that Obama is sending the right message even if it isn’t his inner very thoughts.