gary soto

author and poet


Born: Gary Soto, born april 12,1952, was raised in fresno, california.

WHERE he lived: fresno, california

EDUCATION: author of eleven poetry coolections for adults.

where he lives now: fresno, california

important life information:

1) most notably new and selected poems.

2)1995 finalist for both the los angeles time book award.

3) the national book award.

4)for itvs produced the film the pooi party, which received the 1993 andrew

carnegie medal for film exellence.


1) title, year

  • A Summer Life(1990)
  • Baseball in April (1990)
  • A Fire in My Hands (1991)
  • Taking Sides (1991)
  • CEZAR CHAVEZ: a heroe for everyone. (2003)
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