Politcal Cartoon Analysis

American Experience- 2nd Period

By: Kevin Chen and Alec Watson

Political Cartoon #1

Title: "I Made My Decision After Listening To..."

Publication: July 19, 2000

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Cartoon #1 Analysis

Subject: 2000 Presidential Race

Context: George W. Bush and Al Gore are the two competing canidates in the 2000 Presidential Election. In this cartoon, two voters are discussing why they made thier choice.

Explanation: This cartoon uses labeling to suggest the individuals represent to pro-Bush and pro-Gore parties. It presents its main point through the use of irony in that while they should support a candidate for his beliefs, the voters are both supporting their candidate because they do not agree with the opposition.

Purpose: The author mocks the supporters of both canidates. He is stating that voters are making thier choice because they dissagre with the opposing party, not because they support thier own.

Political Cartoon #2

Title: "Dick and Dad Will Tell Me All I Need to Know"

Publication: July 27, 2000

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Cartoon #2 Analysis

Subject: Idea that George W. Bush is a "puppet" of the G.O.P.

Context: As the presidential election looms ahead, George W. Bush seems to be following everything the G.O.P. says.

Explanation: This cartoon uses labeling to show which two characters appear in the cartoon. The cartoon also exagerates the features that define the two politicians in order to mock their personality, and it exagerates Bush's reliance on the G.O.P. While usually a supporter will wear his candidate's badge in a presidencial ellection, the author ironicly places a G.O.P. badge on Cheney as if to say that he is supporting the G.O.P.

Purpose: The author is mocking Bush's reliance on the G.O.P. for advice.

Polical Cartoon #3

Title: "Hare and Tortoise 2000"

Publication: June 18, 2000

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Cartoon #3 Analysis

Subject: Idea that Gore has to many platfroms

Context: During the 2000 Presidential Election Al Gore seems to be paying attention to too many platforms.

Explanation: This cartoon uses analogy to juxtapose the 2000 Presidential Race with Aesop's Fabled tale The Tortoise and the Hare. The author uses labeling to identify Bush as the turtle and Gore as the rabbit. By symbolizing Bush and Gore as the fabled tortoise and hare, the author uses exageration to mock the idea that if Gore focused on fewer platforms, he would have won the 2000 Presidential Election.

Purpose: The author is mocking Gore's use of too many platforms.