Why Phan is Real

Dan Howell and Phil Lester are in Love and I Have Proof

Consider This Image

This image is from a short video clip of Dan and Phil dancing. Yes, they are best friends, so this doesn't automatically confirm that they are in a relationship. However, when people close to each other and not in a romantic relationship do things like this, they don't act embarrassed when caught. This image is right when Dan realized they were being filmed. Dancing. To Thinking Out Loud, a love song. There is an expression of utter shock and the horror is plain on his face. He is genuinely afraid. Yet why would someone be so off-put by this? If they were nothing more than friends, he wouldn't be so panicked. Phil plays it off well, by continuing to dance when Dan lets go, and not facing whoever is behind the camera. He doesn't act like anything has gone amiss. But Dan gives it away.

The Phan Crash Course

In 2009, Dan and Phil met for the first time in real life. Previously, Dan had messaged Phil on Twitter generally being an annoying fanboy. Phil, also known as AmazingPhil on YouTube, was Dan's favorite YouTuber. In 2009, one of the more known tweets Phil had posted was where he said "House is being extra creepy with the noises tonight :I luckily i am brave." Dan then replied "@AmazingPhil i want to be there so you dont have to be brave." This tweet speaks for itself. 2009 is often spoke of with fondness by the fangirls. The next important year is 2012. Phil posted a Valentine's Day video. I don't know all the details, but I understand that it was a prank where Dan and Phil pretended to come out. The video caused a lot of controversy especially after Phil said it was a prank. The rest of 2012 had crazed fans asking too many personal questions too fast and it hurt Dan. A few years later, in 2015, Dan said "This has been the best year of my life." In their videos in 2015, they were more touchy-feely than they had ever been and it didn't feel like the natural progression of their friendship, but them feeling more comfortable with their relationship on-screen. The Phandom waited with bated breath to see where 2016 would lead and so far it's surprised us. Dan tweeted a picture of Phil trying to flip a pancake for a video and captioned it "domestic". They argue during their collaboration videos but it's not a real fight and it's almost like watching an old married couple. They call each other nicknames. It's adorable, it really is.

The Lovely People Themselves

Their Videos Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do people ship Phan?

A: It's hard to look at these two people and think "They're not in love." They act like they're in love.

Q: Why is their hair the same?

A: I don't know but they sure do love their fringe.

Q: What if they're just friends?

A: No.

Q: Why can't their ship name be Dil?

A: They named their Sim on their gaming channel Dil Howlter.

Q: Why are they British?

A: It's not my fault they were born in England.

thinking out loud
This is the clip I referred to earlier. In this short video, the clip is played over and over again. Dan is twirling Phil around and it just feels like you're watching a romantic slow dance. Now, imagine this scenario: You're with your best friend. You're at a formal awards event and you're waiting in a room to go do your job. This slow love song comes on the music player. You don't ask your best friend: "Hey, want to dance to this lovely song?" You might do the Chicken Dance or something that doesn't fit the song at all, or you might keep talking to your friend. Slow dancing to a love song is something people in a romantic relationship do, not people in a purely platonic friendship do. This is one of the many slices of proof that Dan and Phil love each other.
Big image

Phil Catching Dan After a Trust Fall in Their Most Recent Q & A Video, Phil Is Not On Fire 7

An example of the touchy-feely habits they exhibit regularly in their videos and appearances in other YouTuber's videos.

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