Book Tasting with Ms.White

@ the MTHS/EHMS Library

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, Mr. Baraza's 7th-grade English Language Arts classes participated in Book Tasting. No books were digested but many were sampled. Book Tasting is an activity modeled after the one found on Buffy Hamilton's The Unquiet Librarian blog. Tables were set with place mats and books waiting for the arrival of Mr. Baraza's second, fifth and sixth period classes. After listening to procedures on how to participate in the activity, students moved around tables to M.C. Hammer's Can't Touch This and Pharrell's Happy (as they would in musical chairs). When the music stopped, students sat at their place at the table and sampled their book by viewing the cover, reading the book jacket flaps and reading silently for 10 minutes. After reading, students answered some questions about the books they sampled on our Padlet wall. Students shared whether they would check out the book they "tasted" and let us know why or why not. Then we had a second serving. It was a different way to try out some books and students enjoyed the activity.