Deciduous Forest

By: Trevor Snow 6th period

Abiotic Factors

* Fog

* ColdTemperatures

* Snow

* Sun

* Wind

Life on the Taiga

Life on the taiga is very harsh. Temperature is your worst enemy because it's very hard to stay warm. There is not much diversity at all so you will see the same organisms over and over. It gets very boring when there is nothing to do. It rains a lot so usually you can't do anything. You really need to be prepared for what your about to do if you go there.

Biotic Factors in the Taiga

* Foxes

* Owls

* Grizzlies

* Deer

* Moose


The yearly temp. is from 25c to -40c

The yearly precipitation is from 12-38 inches of rain a year

How do humans effect this biome?

GOOD - Recycle and Hydroelectric power (not as bad to environment)

BAD - Hydroelectric (pollutes streams) and logging

Cool facts

* Biome with littlest diversity

* Permanently frozen ground

* Super Cold climate