Come Visit Athens

Life in Athens

Athens is a wonderful, exciting place that, compared to Sparta is night and day. We have great entertainment, education, and trade which in Sparta you can not get.


Athens is a country of peace! We don't put our kids through gruesome training or discard our unhealthy babies. We keep and love our kids as they are family not property.


Here we send our children to school. We work in small class rooms and learn to read, write, and also learn to wrestle. But, if you have a little extra cash you can be taught philosophy too. Children will go to school starting at the age of 7 until 14.


In Athens we have so much to offer for entertaiment. In our free time we watch singers and dancers at the stadiums. Also, we watch actors act out comedies and tragedies with dramatized masks.


Athens is a city in which the government is run by the people, a democracy. We believe that no one person should have power. We the people get to vote for laws. We will have meetings on the acropolis containing about 6,000 men over the age of 18 at every meeting.


Visitors can come buy or rent land from the wealthy land owners, or buy separate land to build your own house on. To get around most people will walk , but if you are a little wealthier you may consider a chariot to race around town.

Food in Athen's offers many options. Here we have a great choice of foods including grains, wheat, barley, fruit, vegetables, and cake. Living near the shore offers you a variety of fish to eat as well.

Our way of life

Currently men have most rights and have power to make most decisions , but women are still taught to cook, weave, and support a family. We do have slaves to do most of the agriculture and food. Women do have slaves to help with daily duties like getting clean water and cooking.

Potential Dangers

Because we don't try to have war we may encounter the Spartans trying to take over.