She is 16 and she found out about the shadow world not to long ago. She is a pretty girl with red curly hair, but really confused on everything. She has green eyes and wears black leather jacket and likes blue jeans and t-shirts. She sees people that other mundanes can't see. She fights bravely even though she is new at everything and would do anything she could at all to find her mom. She feels scared and worried because she can't find her mom. Jace thinks she is brave, but Alec does not seem to like her very much. She would say sorry a lot to the guy she named Jace and thank you to him also. Sometimes she will say thank you to Izzy and Alec too, because he sometimes is nice to her. She fights demons, so that's why they called shadow hunters or superheros. Alec is also jealous of her because Jace likes Clary.
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Character TRAITS