Dawson County Schools Tech Update

Sharing the good news of Instructional Tech in our schools

Instructional Technology Committee News

The Instructional Technology Committee met Thursday, November 19. The committee was presented with news and updates. The 1 to 1 device proposal status was discussed. No decisions have been made yet concerning the project, including device selection and selection of school population to receive the devices as they are rolled out and integrated into instructional use. Technology strategy presentations were made to the committee focusing on effective practices for classroom technology integration.

Technology Take Over Days!

On the following days the Dawson County Schools Technology Department will offer a day of service at Dawson County Schools. The Technology Team will be onsite all day to assist faculty and staff with areas of technology and instructional technology integration.

BMES-11/30/15; RVMS-12/3/15; RES-12/9/15; KES-1/7/16; DCHS-1/13/16

Technology Integration Strategies

More and more teachers are integrating technology into their instruction as powerful tools that can provide relevance, rigor and differentiation for our students.

Here are great resources for teachers wanting to "Blend" their instruction, adding technology as a tool.

http://betterlesson.com/blended_learning These teachers have shared their "Blended" learning strategies that have proven to be successful in their classrooms.

Looking for free lessons in how to "Blend" your instruction? Consider Relay Learn modules. Each module is a six hour course. For more information, click here: https://learn.relay.edu/modules

Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Learning Resources

Looking for more information and tutorials about working with Google Apps for Education?

Consider free Google Training that can lead lead to Google Educator Certification and more. Click this link and watch the "overview" video https://edutrainingcenter.withgoogle.com/training

A Tip of The Hat!

A Tip of the Hat to RES staff Rebecca Madsen, Laura Ledbetter, Brittany Bronson and Christy Perry for presenting at the Pioneer RESA iPadfest, Friday, November 13, 2015.

A Tip of the Hat to our to our Instructional Technology Committee members, meeting monthly, sharing, learning and discussing instructional technology integration.

A Tip of the Hat to RVMS, offering professional learning to connections teachers on technology integration in their courses.

A Tip of the Hat to DCHS, and Stefanie Gibbs, Dr. Darnell, Stacy Martin, for setting up the Graduation Plan Progress screen in Powerschool. This allows students, staff and parents to stay up to date on student progress toward graduation.

Tech Tips

Looking for ways to add some physical activities or reflection into your classroom, to help students maintain their focus and attention? Consider using Gonoodle http://www.gonoodle.com . Gonoodle provides short video activities that range from stretches, exercises to reflection, that can be watched by your students using your Smartboard, right at their desks. A number of schools have implemented this strategy as part of their test preparation.

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Technology Take Over Day @ BMES

Monday, Nov. 30th, 8am

Black's Mill Elementary School, Dawsonville, GA, United States

Dawsonville, GA

Entire Technology staff will be on campus all day to assist staff.

Technology Take Over Day @ RVMS

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 8am

5126 Georgia 9

Dawsonville, GA

Entire Technology staff will be on campus to assist staff.

Technology Take Over Day @ RES

Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 8am

1150 Perimeter Road

Dawsonville, GA

Entire Technology staff will be on campus to assist staff.

Technology Take Over Day @ KES

Thursday, Jan. 7th 2016 at 8am

1063 Kilough Church Road

Dawsonville, GA

Entire Technology staff will be on campus to assist staff.

Google Apps for EDU 101 @ PioneerRESA

Thursday, Jan. 7th 2016 at 8:30am-3:30pm

1342 Georgia 254

Cleveland, GA

Still seats available for this workshop. This training will show teachers how to utilize Google Apps for Education in their classroom. This all day workshop is geared towards those who are interested in integrating Google Apps in the classroom, but who aren’t sure of the possibilities. Will be led by Google Certified Teacher, Lee Green. Bring your own computer with the Chrome Browser installed and get ready to learn! Register on the Pioneer RESA Website, Course ID 2074.

Technology Take Over Day @ DCHS

Wednesday, Jan. 13th 2016 at 8am

1665 Perimeter Road

Dawsonville, GA

Entire Technology staff will be on campus to assist staff.