Animal Abandoment

By: Kendall Hodges

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Pet overpopulation is a big problem. There are some places that have more trouble with pet overpopulation, and there are many places that don’t have to worry about it as much. There are different ways to solve pet overpopulation, therefore, there are many ways for pet overpopulation. While most people don’t find this a problem (unlike some people)-or don’t believe that they should help-there is still some people out there who believe that they need to make a difference. As a result, those people that help, are making a big difference in animals lives.

Pet Overpopulation

There is places that have too many pets. This is called pet overpopulation. Cats and dogs reproducing, and people getting rid of pets because they can't keep them are the two main reasons for pet overpopulation.

Both of these examples are big problems, here’s what Anya from had to say about this problem and the main locations with this problem.

“‘Each country has its own stray animal crisis and there are different reasons as to why they have this crisis, in India it's so overpopulated and there's a negative stigma attached to these animal. In Bangkok, it's because no one has been spaying and neutering them and the veterinarian profession is looked down upon, so no one is there to give them good care. It’s different in each country.’”

I think that this quote shows that different places have problems about animal population and that they need more people to help them solve this problem.

There is a question that people have asked, and has answered their question, the question is,

What happens when there are too many dogs and cats and not enough homes to care for them all?

Because of this question, answered with this,

“Pet overpopulation is a serious problem. Animal shelters become overcrowded and are unable to care for the millions of homeless pets in the United States. Sadly, not enough people adopt their pets from shelters to help ease the crowding. In many cases, homeless animals often live a sad, lonely, hard life out in the streets trying to survive on their own.”

In addition, a website had said this about the poor animals entering humans homes:

“Research says 7 to 20 percent pets entering a home don't stay there six months.”

As you can see, there are many animals out there, living homeless and they are very depressed. That's not even the only question asked and answered. Here's the second one,

Why are there so many homeless companion animals?

Here's what the website had to say back to this common question:

“There are too many puppies and kittens being born who are unwanted. Sometimes people let their dogs and cats have babies and then can't find homes for all of them. Sometimes homeless animals wandering the streets have babies. Since they don't have a home, there is no people to take care of them. Also, pets get lost. If they don't have proper identification, like a collar with an ID tag, they can't be returned home. Pets are surrendered, or given up to animal shelters because their guardians can no longer care for them. Not everyone goes to an animal shelter to adopt a pet.”

As you can see, there is many reasons for pet overpopulation. Although, there is many reasons to help stop pet overpopulation.

Ways to prevent Pet Overpopulation

Many pets are being abandoned and producing litters everyday. Those pets don't deserve to live like that, that's why many different websites and shelters provide reasonings to prevent this problem that many animals must face.

There are many ways to prevent pet overpopulation. Here are the ways said to help prevent pet overpopulation:

“Have your pet spayed and neutered. Veterinarians perform a simple operation on cats and dogs to prevent them from having unwanted kittens and puppies. Adopt your next pet from your local animal shelter. There are a lot of wonderful dogs, and cats and other companion animals just waiting for a loving home. Organize a supplies drive to help animal shelters care for homeless pets until they can find homes for the animals. License your pets. Make sure they have an identification tag and collar or microchip. Learn about pets before you adopt to make sure you are ready for the responsibility. Teach others about pet overpopulation and how they can help.

Another website had these suggestions:

“Always spay and neuter your pets. Always adopt your pets from a legitimate shelter or nonprofit rescue group. Consider all the responsibilities and consequences of pet ownership before deciding to get a pet and always make a lifetime commitment to your pet. Educate your children, friends, family members and co workers about pet overpopulation, adoption and the importance of spaying and neutering.

As you can see, there is many ways to prevent the problem of pet overpopulation. There is one other way to, that is to pick the right animal for you and your family; only if you guys are ready.

Pets are called companion animals because they provide good company and they are amazing friends and family members. Pets are always there to listen to you when you’re sad, mad, or maybe even happy. They will also play with you when you've had a long stressful day, and need someone to play with. They also enjoy just relaxing with you sometimes. Many people have said that their pets are their best friends. That is why it's very important to pick a best fit animal for you and your family.

Pets are a very big responsibility. They really depend on their guardians to keep them happy and healthy, for their entire lives. Pets need good food, water, exercise, a place to sleep, and lots of love. Pets can also take up a lot of space, time and even money. So, before your family thinks about taking home a nice companion animal, think about if your family is ready for one.

One way to know if your family is ready for a companion animal is by, asking and answering some important questions. Here's some of the more serious questions to ask provided by

  • Why do you want a companion animal?
  • Is this the right time to get a new companion animal?
  • Does your family have any allergies?
  • Does your family already have a pet?
  • Who will be responsible for taking care of the new companion animal?
  • How much time do you and your family have to spend with a companion animal?
  • How much money do you have to spend on a companion animal?
  • Adopt from a shelter or buy from a pet store?
  • What species and breeds will be best for your family?
  • Younger or older companion animal?
  • One or two?

Before you get a pet, you should really think about these main questions. They can really help you make a good decisions about your pet or even if you're really ready.

People who help

There are many people who are willing to spend their free time helping animals. For example, there is, Faye Carey. She loves to help rehome many animals, especially dogs. She accomplishes this all at the age of 16 years old. Here's more about Faye Carey...

Faye helps many dogs, and had to say this about her outstanding accomplishment,

“While most teenage girls are busy doing their nails and downloading the latest music, Faye Carey is helping re-home dozens of abandoned dogs.”

She is greatly appreciated by many different people and she works very hard for the animals. For example, she has set up a Facebook page, and she spends time making sure the animals look good for the people who want to adopt them. So of course, as most people, there is a reason she was inspired to help.

Her Facebook page idea came from her trying to re-home a group of small kittens. She had needed a way to free advertise. This then lead her to helping animals at animal shelters.

“‘We picked up a puppy in the pound the first day I went to Animal Control and then on my last day he was still there and I felt really sorry for him.’”

In addition, she advertised the puppy on TradeMe, when the puppy got a new home in Auckland.

People still talk about Faye Carey's amazing work and accomplishments. For instant, another thing had to say about her work was:

“‘Faye still spends every Friday volunteering at Animal Control, grooming the new puppies and photographing them for the Facebook page. She also spends around three hours each night organizing for people to view the animals, setting up adoptions and replying to emails.’”

As you see Faye is very recommend and she even loves the work. Here’s what she said about it:

“‘It can be stressful trying to juggle, because we’ve got animals at home and school work and chores and everything else. But I think it’s for me to do work, because i’m quite dedicated to the puppies and dogs, it’s really rewarding.’”

Faye Carey is not the only person who helps animal abandonment, Ayna is another person who strongly believes that animal abandonment is a bad choice.

Ayna Agarwal, Ayna is another person who is interested in making a difference. She had started an international organization to stop pet overpopulation. It's called “SPOT Globally” they educate communities around the world about untreated, poor animals.

Like Faye Carey having an inspiring start, Ayna also had a reason to start helping poor animals. Hers was a little more tragic though.

Here's what she said:

“‘I was in a car with my family and I saw a little puppy on the road, she had a hurt leg and a car came by and they didn't stop or swerve or anything, they just ran over her.’”

This was obviously a tragic thing to see. She hadn’t taken things seriously until later on. She had been turned at the first shelter, but that didn't stop her. She loves helping the animals, but she still has her future goals. She plans on going to college and to graduate school to become a veterinarian. She believes that this will help her case.

She works with a website called The website does many things to help animals around the world. She helps organize things such as:

  • Upcoming dog walks
  • Fundraisers to help assist with sterilizing animals
  • Works/Working on a child’s book and activity book to hand out to younger

As you can see doesn’t help animals much, but what they do to help the animals really helps them.

Hearts for Animals is another groups who help with Animal Abandonment.

Hearts for animals have accomplished many things. They have accomplished a collection drive for items for local shelters, a walk-a-thon for money, they educate people about animal, they have done collection drives for items for the shelters. They do walk-a-thons for money, they educate people about animal-related issues and even created a whole PowerPoint presentation. They volunteer at Cats in need, they also do a campaign to adopt out the black animals, which is difficult to do. They'd I'll start pennies for paws and do classes at school to. They do volunteering work at animal shelters one day a month. They plan and host school environmental club and animal club at other schools. They do a beach cleanup in Huntington Beach picking up trash that harms marine animals.

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Bianca is another person who helps with animal abandonment. She went to a camp called YEA camp. The camp raised over $1,000 in their first year for the local animal shelter. Although she loves to work with YEA camp, she must eventually leave. Here is what she said about the camp:

“‘I really think we are making an impact in our community! I have learned SO MUCH from this experience and even though next year will be my last year with the club, I believe that Hearts for Animals will continue to run at our school and do even bigger things, truly leaving a legacy. I know I’ve said this quite some times but I still want to really thank YEA. I still recount my week at camp as one of the best weeks of my life, and remember in detail what I learned and how great of an experience it was. The whole reason why I started Hearts for Animals is because you all inspired me and gave me the confidence to do so. I don't know where I would be without having gone through that experience.’”

In conclusion, there is many ways for pet overpopulation, many ways to solve pet overpopulation, and many people who help with pet overpopulation and animal abandonment. This is still a problem, and this problem needs to be stopped overall. Imagine if you were the animal, would you want to have thousands millions of the same species in the same location; or even being abandoned once or even lots of times by someone you thought loved you? More people need to help the small amount that do help, and stop animal abandonment.