Classy Apps

Need something new for the classroom? Look no further!

With millions of apps out there, picking the right one for your class can be a challange!

So here are some ideas to help in your search!


The next best thing to cutting into someones head! 3DBrain by DNA learning center is a simple, but effective, instructional tool that makes understanding the position and function of brain components much easier for kids with lower levels of spacial awareness. Have the class work to gather, or in small groups, to make their own brain out of modeling clay. This should allow them to demonstrate their understanding of brain components.

Comic Maker

Graphic story telling is great, especially for students who tend more towards creative intelligence, rather than literary. Comic maker by Appie is not without it's limitations, but it offers the chance to easily edit, stylize and play with real pictures before putting them in a story board format. Get students to make a graphic novel about different lessons. It's easier for Social Studies and English, but they can even invent narratives that explain mathematical or scientific concepts. The hydrogen brothers were inseparable, until the day they meet oxygen, and sparks flew!

Google Drive

The current sovereign of free, cloud based office suits, Google Drive allows collaboration on projects from multiple devices. Installing the mobile app can allow students to work to greater at distances and with organization never before possible. Make a Google form for a nature scavenger hunt, and share it with all your students. Students can check off which species they have found, allowing the whole class to work together efficiently to complete their task.

Star Chart

Star Chart by Escapist Games Limited is a beautiful augmented reality app that allows the user to see the stars and constellations any time any place. It's like turning your device into a window through the sky, straight to space. In this way, you can take your class star gazing during class hours, without even leaving the class. You can get your students to make a road sign pointing to where the planets are right now!


Atomdroid by CCB Goettingen allows users to view and build molecules. Teachers should get students to build molecules of different types on the app in order to assess their comprehension of molecular shape classifications.

What do all these Apps have in common?

They are Creative

They are interactive

They are free!