She's the Man (Viola)

Aspen Hadley

Viola is a sporty , clever , smart girl that act as her brother Sebastian because she gets cut from her girls soccer team at Cornwall and tries to fit in with the boys soccer team at Illyria high in the film She's the Man.
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In the film She's the Man , Viola is a girl that loves soccer but at her school corn wall she gets cut and decides to play on the boys team at Illyria high. Viola is a kind of jealous person and does not act like a girl at times. In the film she disguises herself as her twin brother Sebastian , because of course you cannot be a girl and join a boys soccer time . I think it's funny because Viola acts like a boy anyway , as a tomboy I should so and she is very good at acting but of course she can not have a man voice so that is a problem in the movie , her voice is high and get talked about it by orsino mostly . Therefore, viola is acting as somebody she is not just because she could not play on the soccer team at her old school. Viola is a jealous because orsino has his eyes on Olivia and she likes orsino but can not blow her cover , so she try's to keep Olivia as far away from orsino as possible , like in the story Twelfth Night the viola in the story is generous and tries to bribe to get what she wants . Viola is sporty , spunky , self-reliant , witty ,smart , and ungraceful in the film She's the Man.


Viola is a tomboy in the film She's the Man. In the film she has sideburns a wig and other things that males have . Viola has to switch when she has to go to a dinner with her mother and while eating at the table she is stuffing food in her mouth and eating Un-proper because she is not ladylike she is a tomboy. She was turning more into a boy than before because she has to act like both. Her principal smelled something fishy was going on because he looked at viola as a girl which she is . Later in the film after everything happens , a soccer game arrives and viola forgets and her brother Sebastian who she is acting as comes home early from London and did not know viola was acting like him . Throughout the soccer game Sebastian does not know how to play and gets sat on the chairs while viola comes in and play and acts as Sebastian again and plays good but then the principal says that Sebastian is a girl . Later on , the coach and everybody find out the truth. In She's the Man , towards the end the coach does not discriminate gender so he lets Viola play while duke orsino gives her a chance . The point is do not undergo females to play with the big boys , girls can play soccer to .

People's perception of Viola

In Twelfth night , the fool thinks Viola is a generous person ,which means she is a begging bribing person. In the film She's the Man Duke Orsino thinks that Viola is weird . Throughout the film he asks why is her voice so high and why she sounded just like a girl when she was acting like Olivia . Orsino thinks that viola is trying her best to fit in and it's just not working , its weird and un-normal . The fool in twelfth night thinks that viola being generous is a work of art because she is more interested in the art of begging , she just likes to get what she wants .

Similarties and differences

Viola and I are similar because we are both clever and smart . We both are into sports other than I like volleyball and softball than soccer , I like It a little but not more than those two sports. Viola and I are both kind of jealous girls but I am only jealous of some things and some of my friends say I am spoiled when I'm really not. Some people have more than things then you do so you should appreciate what you have and being woken up another day because there is people dying and no food to eat and not healthy . Viola and I have some similarities but also more differences.

Viola and I are different because I don't try to act like somebody I am not . I may want things other people have sometimes when I do not have it but its nice to have your own style sometimes and those people will try to copy and the ones that copy will have friends that copy and so on . I also do not fall in love fast like viola did in less than a week . One thing I do not do like viola is stuff food at my man and act like a man . I eat proper , well not proper just regular not stuffing food and being disgusting , but my friends say I eat slow and I see it because they always get done before me. It also takes longer because I have braces and things get stuck in my teeth , but before I had braces I was still told I eat slow. I feel as though that viola should act herself and like herself for who she is , I think she is self confident and cares what others think and try's to fit in anyway she can , like acting like a boy trying to play on the boys soccer team. Its not like she can't try out again at her school , practice makes perfect.