The place to be

Geographical information

If you are a nature seeker then Ecuador is the place to be. Right of the cost of Columbia as well. They have every thing from the Andes mountains,Amazon jungles to the beautiful Galápagos Islands.


This beautiful country was ruled by the Spanish until, may 13, 1930 when Ecuador declared its independence. They have a beautiful yellow red and blue flag. The capital of Ecuador is Quito but it has several important cities such as guaiauil,santo Domingo de los Colorodo and Cuenca
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Political information

this great country is a republic ruled by rafel covrea. They used the American dollar for currency and has a post capitalist economic system.

tourist info and did you know

People should visit the Galapagos islands because it is beautiful and exotic. They can also see and climb the Andes mountains or explore the amazon jungle.
did you know that
6% of people speak 1 of 13 native delegates
they were at war for over 100 years
they sell 2 trillion dollars worth of bananas a year