East Edition

January 11, 2015

Gratitudes, Congratulations and Celebrations

Congratulations to Jonathan. He is gone this week due to his upcoming wedding on Thursday in Denver.

Thanks to Karen and Angela for posting media related items and photos of our kids and families on the bulletin board in the foyer.

Thanks to those who left a welcome back message with hot chocolate options for the first week back to school.

Thanks to those that did your Teach-Tos and turned in your sheet. Please come by the office on Tuesday and pick up your gift card.

Monday's Jan 11th Inservice

Coffee provided in the am and snacks/drinks in the pm


  • K-2, Lit Coor & Sped: ECAW Deeper Understandings - Board Room
  • Grade 3 Scope & Sequence: Room 201 upstairs Facilitators - Kristin, Sarah H.
  • Grade 4 Scope & Sequence: Room 202 upstairs Facilitators - Misty, Jill
  • Grade 5 Scope & Sequence: Room 203 upstairs Facilitators - Sara L, Kamisha


  • Lunch On Your Own


  • Grades 3 - 5: ECAW Deeper Understandings - Board Room
  • SpEd Collaboration: Room 201 upstairs Facilitators - Renae and Melissa for DLM training
  • Grade 1: Room 202 upstairs Facilitators - Kristin, Amber
  • Grade 2: Room 203 Facilitators - Zack, Sara L
  • Grade K: Preschool room to left Facilitators - Misty, Sarah H


All Day Sessions 8:00 - 4:00 with lunch 11:30 - 12:30

  • Counselors: Conference Room Facilitators- Renae- am and Jill pm
  • Physical Education: Room 204 upstairs (share with Music) Facilitators - Jenn am and Kamisha pm
  • Music: Room 204 upstairs (share with PE) Facilitators- Amber am and Jenn pm
  • Art: Office on Landing then on to Kim’s classroom
  • Lit. Coordinators: Faciltator Amy pm

Building Collab This Friday (Jan 15)

This Friday, Jan 15, all classroom teachers, Lit Coor, instructional coach and Special Education Teacher will meet in the 4th grade classroom for a different type of building collab.. These teachers will be together for planning time and/or collaboration with their grade level partners in the same room with assistance from UbD team members, Lit Coor, Special Educator and/or Instructional Coach. A presentation will be given at the beginning of the collab time to discuss this new model of building collab.

PE, Music and Counselor will be able to meet with their district level partners during this time as needed.

This Friday's CoPLanning

Co-planning this Friday will be focused on examining each grade level's DIBEL's data. Special Education, Reading Intervention, the principal and grade level teams will conduct a data dialogue around mid-year benchmark scores. Plans for the next literacy collab will be created during the last 5 - 10 minutes of this week's co-planning sessions.

ACCESS Testing for ELL Students

ACCESS testing is very different from other state standardized testing sessions. Students are placed in Tiers for some of the tests based upon their performance. Jonathan and/or Kristin will be picking up your students and taking them to the computer lab or art room during their various test sessions throughout the week.

Tues, Jan 19th - Listening

8:10 am Session : 5th/4th - 4 Students (Computer Lab)

9:10 am Session 2: 3rd - 8 Students (Computer Lab)

10:10 am Session 3: 5th - 1 Student (Computer Lab)

12:45 pm Session 4: 1st 8 Students (Computer Lab)

1:45 pm Session 5: 2nd 9 Students (Computer Lab)

Wed, Jan 20th - Reading

8:10am Session 1: 5th/4th 4 Students (Computer Lab)

9:10am Session 2: 3rd 8 Students(Computer Lab)

10:10am Session 3: 5th 1 student (Computer Lab)

12:45pm Session 4: 1st 8 Students (Computer Lab)

1:45pm Session 5: 2nd 9 Students (Computer Lab)

Thurs, Jan 21st - Writing

8:10am Session 1: 5th/4th 4 Students (Computer Lab)

10:20am Session 2: 5th 1 Student (Art Room)

9:15 am Session 3: 3rd (Art Room)

1:15pm Session 4: 2nd (Art Room)

2:15pm Session 5: 1st (Art Room)

Mon, Jan 25 - Speaking

9:30 am Session 7: 5th/4th 5 students (Art Rm)

10:00am Session 6: 3rd 4 students (Art Rm)

10:30am Session 5: 3rd 4 students (Art Rm)

11:00am Session 4: 2nd 5 students (Art Rm)

Tues, Jan 26 - Speaking

9:30 am Session 3: 2nd 4 students (Art Rm)

10:00am Session 2: 1st 4 students (Art Rm)

10:30 am Session 1: 1st 4 students (Art Rm)

11:00 am Session 8: 5th 1 student (Art Rm)

Tues through Thur, Jan 19 - 21, the computer lab will be closed due to ACCESS testing.


  • Turn in/share your lesson plans for this week for reading, writing and math no later than end of the day on Tuesday, Jan 12th.
  • Complete 2nd Week of Teach Tos and turn in completion sheet for a gift card for lunch.
  • Pick up your lunch gift card in the office if you turned in your Teach To sheet by end of the day on Monday, Jan 11th.
  • Be ready for upcoming Literacy data dialogue MOY sessions on Friday.

This Week's Events & Happenings (Jan 4 - 8)

Monday - Jan 11th

  • Elementary In-service 8:00 - 4:00
  • Substitute Appreciation Event - 4:30 @ Admin Building)

Tuesday - Jan 12th

  • CST Team Meeting 2:30 pm
  • MCEA Meeting 3:30 pm
  • PAC Meeting

Wednesday - Jan 13th

  • District Administrator Meeting 8:00 am
  • Benefit Committee Meeting 4:00 pm

Thursday - Jan 14th

  • School Board Work Session Meeting 7:00 am

Friday - Jan 15th

  • Co-Planning Literacy - DIBELS Data Dialogues for Math (1st - 5th) with Each Grade Level Teaam

What's Happening Next Week? (Jan 18 - 22)

  • Learning Walks - Jan 18th
  • Student iPad Digi Dog Camp (3:30 pm) - Jan 18th
  • ACCESS Testing
  • Elementary Principal Collab Jan 20- 8:00 am
  • CoPlanning Math: Kindergarten on Mon, Jan 18 & 1st - 5th Fri, Jan 22

What's Happening This Month?

  • DIBELS Benchmark Testing (Whole School - Every Child)
  • ACCESS Testing - Practice week of Jan 4th; Testing week of Jan 18th)
  • Learning Walks - Jan 18th
  • Student Digid Dog Tech Camp
  • 5th Grade Parent iPad Night
  • Parent iPad Camps for parents of students in any grade

WEEK 2: Teach Tos to Prevent Challenging Behavior

Don't forget to teach the 2nd week of Teach Tos with your students. It is very important students they practice multiple times and get taught explicitly the expectations for behavior in all areas of the building and your classroom. Here is the link.


Teach Tos are research based and shown to help prevent and reduce overall challenging behavior for most students. The steps in teaching a "Teach-To" are as follows:

1. Explain the positive/expected behavior and rationale.

2. Demonstrate the positive and expected behavior or routine.

3. Demonstrate the negative (non-example) behavior.

4. Demonstrate the almost but not quite behavior.

5. Have students practice with positive/expected behavior with all elements or routines done with precision. Re-practice until it is accurately demonstrate by each student.

Learning Walks - January 18th

An email was sent early on Monday with schedule and other documents. Be sure to review before our Learning Walk day on Jan 18th.