Hugh Cole News

Week of February 9, 2015

What will I find here?

The Hugh Cole News will come out every Monday and update the staff on the nuts and bolts, weekly news, professional development websites and videos.

Weekly Updates



9:00-9:45- Student Services Meeting (Sadler, Mandese, Kearns, Heyden, Kinder & McCormack)

9:45-10:15- Office Staff Meeting

3:10-3:30 TA Meeting in the Data Room Topic: PBIS Review by Laurie & Chris

6:30-8:00 PTO Meeting in the Library


7:45-8:25 in the Library Tuesday Teacher Tips: Jen Colaneri, Erin L & Jill Murphy will share how to effectively use a writing continuum in the classroom!

8:00-10:00 Cindy attends Admin. Meeting at KMS

4:00-5:00 Cindy facilitates District Substitute Orientation at Oliver

Team Day


9:00-9:45 Cindy and Christine meet with Leslie Anderson

*Behavior RTI in the afternoon

1:00-2:00 Target Team in the Conference room (CM,CS,DK,LH,CK)

3:10-4:30 CPT PARCC Administrator Training in the Computer Lab


9-11:30 Christine attends meeting at Oliver


6:30-8:00 PTO sponsored ICE CREAM SOCIAL in cafeteria; DJ in Gym $2 /person; $8/family



Happy Vacation Week!!

Nuts and Bolts

Behavior RTI

The behavior RTI documents that were discussed at the previous faculty meeting will be sent out and added to the live binder. Please follow these steps when referring a student to behavior RTI.

CBMA and Prompts

We are currently working on a better way to send writing prompts and CBMA results to the admin team here at Hugh Cole. We will update you in the coming months as to how we will go about doing that.


We have been trying to keep the HCS livebinder up to date on a weekly basis. The link to this binder will stay in each Smore update for your reference.

Professional Development

Please submit your conference forms if you haven't done so already.

All forms need to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.

Upcoming Dates

Vacation Week February 16-20

Tuesday Teaching Tips with Susan Beck 2/24

Using Learning Progressions in the Classroom

These videos directly connect to our school wide assessment literacy work! The first video is for K-2 teachers and the second video is 3-5.

The work in this video will be highlighted during our TTT tomorrow morning!

Using a Learning Progression to Help Students Work Towards Clear Goals as they Lift the Level of Their Information Writing (K-2)
Using a Learning Progression to Support Self-Assessment and Writing about Themes in Literature: Small Group Work (3-5)