Fourth Grade Happenings


Specialist Schedule - 5 day cycle that repeats

6/4 Day 2 Gym

6/5 Day 3 Music

6/6 Day 4 Media

6/7 Day 5 Gym


6/6 Track and field day!! Field events @ 9:45-11:30 and Track events @ 1:30

6/7 Last Day of School - All School Meeting 10:25 & 3 hour Early Release at 12:50

Classroom Community

We have been enjoying our ABC Countdown to 5th Grade - yes, you are about to have a 5th grader! It has been a fabulous year and look forward to ending the year strong with your child, having some fun and celebrating all their growth this year! Thank you for your support and partnership this year, I appreciate everything families do to help their children be academically and socially successful at school. WestWood is a great place to be!


This week in reading we will continue researching weather topics. We will focus on note taking by reading a chunk of the text straight through, then pausing to reflect in our mind before recording the important parts. Later on in the week we will be working on synthesizing information about a key subtopic. We will learn how researchers not only construct a big picture of their topic, but also pay attention to the details that reveal tone and point of view. Lastly, we will teach students that readers of history draw on particular strategies to read primary source documents.


In writing we will be working on writing facts about weather and natural disasters. There are many historical events we will learn about. Students will write details and informational facts about an event of their choice. Friday students will video record in front of a green screen all about their natural disaster.


In math we are learning about Metric Units of Measurement. Students have been measuring in centimeters and meters. We will weigh objects and learn about everyday items that come in kiloliters and milliliters.


This week we will design Mag Lev trains and test them out with weights, redesign and test again. Students are working in small groups, collaborating ideas, and using their engineering design skills.