By: Karthik Tummala

Team Information


Country- United States of America



Longitude-32.9243 Degrees North

Latitude-96.7638 Degrees West

Region-South Central Region

Interesting Facts about the South Central Region:

-Has the second largest state in the U.S.

-Produces more wool than any other region

-Has the live music capital of the world

Physical Features of the South Central Region:

-Natural Lakes

-Large Forests

-Long Rivers

Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot-Mavs Man,Champ

Team Nickname-Mavs

Nickname Relates to the South Central Region-Mavs mean Mavericks,which are horses,which were used a lot in Texas history to move things around.

Team History


Founder-Don Carter

Why did they Choose Location-They chose Dallas because it didn't have a basketball team in the NBA

Does the mascot connect to the Region and How-Mavs man is pretty much mavs which are horses. They were used a lot in the cowboy days.


Home Stadium-American Airlines Center

Why was it named that-American Airlines bought naming rights for $195 million.The name hasn't change since.