By: Emily Schimanski

Thank You, Sir David Brewster! (Who)

Sir David Brewster made the next best thing! An object like a telescope, but much better! All you have to do is look inside and you enter a world of bright, vibrant, and changing colors! Twist the tube to make a new pattern! Within Seconds!

Anywhere, All you have to do is look inside! (Where)

Whether you are a child, or if you are an adult, Kaleidoscopes are fun for everyone! You can use it anytime, and anywhere. A kaleidoscope is usually 6 inches long, handheld and portable. This new technology is advancing so quickly!
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Efficient! (What)

You can use this Handheld item for quick inspiration in only seconds!

Forget spending hours brainstorming, get your ideas in seconds!

Your children are bored? They can use a kaleidoscope to be creative and content- without making a mess!

~Kaleidoscopes~ (Why)

Who wouldn't want a kaleidoscope? Why settle for anything less? Why draw any old pattern? Use a kaleidoscope to get some easy inspiration, within seconds! Don't use something you see anywhere, change any design in seconds to make our own!

Reflection Paragraph~

I learned that a kaleidoscope was invented by Sir David Brewster. The most surprising thing I learned was that a kaleidoscope is not only used for entertainment, but pattern makers and designers used these to get inspiration too. I learned a bit about kaleidoscopes and the light science along with it. It was very interesting!

It helped people back then with designing and making patterns, it was a much more efficient way to get creative patterns and were also used for entertainment. Today, it can also help with designs, but we have a lot more advanced technology. If i was looking for a design quickly, I would use a kaleidoscope.

I used the Repetition technique mainly, because kaleidoscope is hard to forget (and fun to say!) I also used a bit of comparison, not to another project, but to any other design technology in general. I thought that was one of the most effective ways to advertise, since i see it the most.