Information About Leadership/Staff App and Registering!

Dear Golden Wave Band,

It's that time of the year! We're already getting excited about the 2016 season. In order to continue the growth of the program, we want each of you to join us once again! Each person is such an important and integral part of the Golden Wave. Your talents, your energy, your loyalty to the University and the program... these are the things that make BUGWB so great. We don't want you to miss out on all those unique opportunities, to miss out on fostering great friendships (both new and old), and supporting our team onto victory.

If you're worried about time, grades, commitments, etc., please email us and let us know. We want to help each of you be successful in your classes while still being able to enjoy all the fruits of the BUGWB experience. We can often work with you to help with schedules or conflicts. The schedule even looks very friendly next year. Don't let fear or anxiety of circumstances not yet unfolded steer you toward missing out! We rarely make the best decisions from a place of fear. You'll never have the chance to have these opportunities or wonderfully exciting experiences after college. Think of all the great times you'll miss if you don't come back. You don't want that! C'mon, LET'S DO THIS!
(Check out this academically-friendly football schedule)
August 15 • Preseason Week
August 22 • Classes start
September 3 • BU vs NWST
September 10 • BU vs SMU (Alumni Band Day)
September 24 • BU vs OSU
October 15 • BU vs KU (Homecoming)
October 29 • BU @ UT (Travel)
November 5 • BU vs TCU
November 19 • BU vs KSU (Last home game!)
November 25 • BU vs TTU (Travel - AT&T Stadium)
Bowl Game!
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Fall class registration is currently taking place. The School of Music has CHANGED THE MARCHING BAND CLASS CODE. It is now MUEN 1102. For those who have an unavoidable class conflict but still want to be in the group, please email Dr. Odajima describing your situation and we will work to get you an override for the class conflict so you can register for the class. Don’t hesitate!


EACH OF YOU HAVE THE POWER TO POSITIVELY IMPACT THE EVOLUTION AND GROWTH OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU AND TO INFLUENCE THE PATH OF THIS ORGANIZATION. We're looking for people who are ready to invest. We need people who want to be good to each other and to help elevate everyone into becoming the best we can be. Are you ready to seize this next opportunity to work closely with your peers and refine your abilities as a leader, friend, and mentor?

We are now accepting applications for the Leadership and Staff positions for 2016 edition of the Golden Wave. The following positions are available: Summer Office Assistants, Fall Office Managers, Uniform Managers, Equipment Managers, Section Leaders, Squad Leaders, Undergrad Field Staff, Drum Majors, Photographer, Videographer. The descriptions and prerequisites for these positions are listed in the online application form.

CLICK HERE to be taken to the online application form. Read through the descriptions then fill out the form. You will be required to submit an essay describing why you believe you are qualified to serve in the roles for which you are applying. ACT FAST - applications are due in a little over a week, THURSDAY, APRIL 21, by 5:00 pm.

DRUM MAJOR AUDITIONS ARE TUESDAY, MAY 3, 9:00 AM (location TBA). For those who are interested in applying, follow the link in the above paragraph. WE INVITE EVERYONE to come watch and support the candidates. You can also participate in the process of providing feedback if you come.

Finally... we need you! All of you are so important to the success of our program. From first year to senior, from section member to section leader, we need all of you to continue the excellence and growth of our great group. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Sic ‘em BUGWB!

I. Odajima