Cold War and Billy Joel

By: Tyler Ciha

Rosenbergs June 19, 1951

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were regular ole american citizens to most people in the U.S. Julius was a engineer are the U.S. Army Signal Corps and his wife Ethel was a secretary there. They met at a Young Communism League, got married, and had two kids. Julius was arrested for suspicion of leading a spy ring that gave secret information to Soviet Union about U.S.'s plans on the atomic bomb. Ethel was arrested two months later. They both were found guilty and sentenced to death. To their death by electric chair they say they were both innocent. Some americans thought their trial was unjust and not fair. While the vast majority say it was just and it was right for their execution to take place because millions of lives could of been lost from the U.S. if the Soviets did get the news about the atomic bomb.

Sputnik October 4, 1957

Sputnik is apart of the Arms race in the early cold war. First, it all started with the nuclear weapons then it turned into sending satellites into space. Sputnik is the name of the very first satellite put into space and to orbit once by the Soviets. This put the Soviets ahead of the U.S. in the space race for the very first time and they would stay ahead for a while. People thought that by having Sputnik over head of the U.S. they could launch an easy attack on us but that never happend. People were definitely not happy about the soviets creating more technology faster and having Sputnik in space.

U2 Spy Plane May 1, 1960

U2 spy planes are planes that fly over a country we are suspicious about and takes snap shots of their grounds. It comes back and we analyse the photos and make a decision on weather an action needs to be taken. A U2 spy planes was use in the cu ban missile crisis when it flew over Cuba and saw photos of missiles pointed right at the U.S., only 90 miles away from Florida. One incident did take place where a plane was shot down over the Soviet Union and captured Francis Powers, the piolet. These planes are a very useful and great tool to have to gain an advantage on our enemies. The U.S. peoples reaction to this was it was great that we could know in advance what is coming our way and that we can prepare early for it.

Kennedy 1960-1963

JFK was elected in 1960 as the 35th president on the democratic side. The interesting part about Kennedy is that he is catholic and came from a wealthy family. Kennedy effected the cold war by starting his foreign policy of a stronger military, more nuclear weapons, and increase conventional forces as well. he was big against communism so he built up counter insurgency and provided economic assistance to help countries not become communists. He was apart of the space race and guaranteed a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Kennedy also allowed the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba to happen. He did many great things in his presidential years that helped the U.S. and allowed other countries to not become communist. The people of the U.S. loved Kennedy and was in shock after his assassination.

Bay of Pigs Invasion April 17, 1961

The Bay of Pigs invitation was an invasion at the Bay of Pigs, in Cuba. Fidel Castro decides to over throw Fulgencio Batista and starts a communists government. The U.S. shuts down all their trade with Cuba and is very afraid of an invasion. Fidel now creates an alliance with the Soviets. The U.S. now secretly training Cuban rebels to try and overthrow Fidel and the soviets. They attack at the Bay of Pigs in the south of Cuba and within three days its all over. Three hundred died and 1200 were captured. This was an unsuccessful mission but the U.S. people were okay with it because it wasn't their own people dying and being captured. Cuba with the help of the soviets are strong and think they are stronger now.

Suez Canal 1869

The Suez Canal is a water way from in Egypt, connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. This is beneficial to the cold war because countries that normally have to go around Africa to get to Europe from Asia. This canal cut straight across the top of Africa. Egypt was owned by Britain but now gained their independence but Britain gets to keep the canal. The Egyptians now want to build the Aswan Dam on the Nile River but cant finance it. So they decide to take the canal and get the profit it makes to help build the dam. The Soviets side with the Egyptians and so does the U.S. and they turn against their allies, Great Britain. The U.S. thinks the Egyptians should have the canal if its on their land. This decreases a lot of tension between the U.S. and the Soviets so the people are okay with this choice, but Britain is not very happy with it.

Hydrogen Bomb 1952

The Hydrogen bomb, also known as the H bomb, is a extremely powerful bomb capable of causing damage up to a 100 mile radius from where it hits. Although, the H-bomb was never used in the cold war, it still had a great impact on it. Having a H-bomb as an option of defense of offence gave the U.S. and advantage and the edge. This type of power made the president (Eisenhower) think of using massive retaliation. This is where if the U.S. gets messed with, they will just nuke them without using troops. The U.S. was actually too scared to detonate a nuke because they would get nuked right back, This scared the citizens way too much. Operation Alert was put into place to run drills to help the citizens get to cover if a nuke was dropped on the U.S. Citizens were arrested if found no doing the drill. Later the U.S. found they would never get to cover in time for safety if one did drop which frightened the people to death about using nuclear weapons.

Harry Truman 1945- 1953

The cold war and Harry Truman go hand in hand while the cold war had started during Truman's presidency. Truman did not want the Soviet Union to expand which is where the Truman Doctrine came in. This is where the U.S. will support any foe of the communists, no matter where in the world. This all takes place in the Korean war where North Korea is communists and U.S. is supporting the non communists South side. Truman takes a lose during the Korean war and this upsets people. He has not shown much strength to lead the U.S. This brings the american people to not support his policies.

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